Christmas In July

Though we haven't been having snow on the ground around our house, we did have a lovely time looking at this snow tonight on the way home. This morning we got going early, but it wasn't really that early. We couldn't see the snow on the Bluff from the front of the house because of the fog, so we wonder if we will see it tomorrow.

I spotted it last night after talking to our eldest son. We was at work, had finished his work for the day and was waiting to be picked up. He said that his co-workers had seen the snow from the other window in the city where he works. I went outside, and the snow clouds were lifting and I saw our snow.

Tonight when we got home it was practically dark and we enjoyed seeing our Christmas in July lights. Though it doesn't get as dark as early as it did a few weeks ago. Our string should be joined on to another the same. Maybe we will be able to pick up the same string when it is really Christmas in December.

When we got to our new house, it was 4oC inside. I could see my breath inside the house. It did warm up to be nice outside for a little while. One of our summer flowers is still hanging on and is a little Christmassy.

We did our winter rose pruning, and redesigned part of the bed. The old bed, well we haven't got to that part yet, was a snake trap. You only had a small gap between the garden and the fence to walk. One snake did actually make a beeline to that garden last year, a brown.

By the time we went home the coals were red hot and the lounge was quite cosy. The girls had had a nice time playing on the swing. We had a packed lunch of mortadella sandwiches. Our middle daughter wasn't impressed but because it is not payday yet, she decided they weren't too bad grilled. They were very nice and warming. Sometimes I am easily put off mortadella but grilled it is lovely, so I found out.

The dog didn't come with us because we were afraid he would break his leg. We are slowly getting used to not having his company there. About three times I missed him in the yard.

Other people were out and about today. I could smell the wintersweet bush when I took a photo of it, such as it was. The herebores look a little festive as well.

Because it is the school holidays we have eaten ourselves out of house & cheese. So I decided we would have to have sausage casserole without the cheese and with the addition of a pumpkin (very Aussie) layer as they seem to go off very quickly these days. We used breakfast sausages and they turned out well. Last night we had to use up some bulk bacon, so hubby insisted he wanted Jimeon's cabbage and potatoes.

I read a book in another room with another heater some of the time, it was peaceful overall, give or take a bit. I was absolutely thrilled with this iris, that was actually from a remote roadside somewhere years ago. I thought it was a skinny specimen, but that was for good reason. I didn't know it wasn't just a common iris.

Tonight I was reading this blog and found the Blokes & Sheila's site, (no I didn't click directly on it) and enjoyed their music.

So a good day. Last night I didn't sleep well, first time in ages. I have found that I sleep very well here after my treechange. I told hubby what I was thinking about earlier today, and both of us can't remember what I said now, so that is good I suppose.

We fit in a bit of sewing with middle daughter. It is impossible to indulge in our renovating and still look after the kids properly. Neither hubby or I know how to sew on sequins properly, but lots of research later they got something achieved. I was admiring what I think is some retro aqua cotton in my sewing basket, and some old wooden reels. Last week daughter tried a different sewing design, was upset with that one, even though her friend offered useful suggestions.


Out Back said…
Good morning Linda,
Snow! I have never seen or touched snow up close. I have seen it at a distance on Cradle Mountain in Tassie but thats all. Sometimes, very rarely it snows on the peaks of Flinders Ranges but it is not enough to see with the naked eye. I might give the sausage casserole a try, looks tasty. I am always on the hunt for new recipes.

Enjoy your Sunday,
Linda said…
Thanks Tania.

I think I had a similar experience in Tasmania.

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