A day in my life ~ July

Today is getting a little away from me. It started out with the cat sounding like he was meowing right under me, but I don't think he was. Everyone was ready early for school and I did our little daughter's hair in pigtails. Then made sure everyone had their rain jacket as it was raining.

I got ready for a shower and realised there wasn't any hot water. Had a quick shower but couldn't bring myself to wash my hair. I didn't wash it yesterday so I had a bit of a problem. I then realised that, although I had tried to ask hubby about the dog and his pain killers, that I had forgotten to in the end while waiting, sometimes there is a queue for talking to Dad, so I emailed him. So then I went outside and gave the dog his tablet and he was very good at taking it, so good that I wondered if he would spit it out, but he didn't. He didn't like the taste so ate a small amount of grass. I fed him a couple of times as well, some canned and dried food. There is a battle, because if he doesn't eat it straight away the jays eat it. I may buy some more canned food this week. He would enjoy that, and the jays prefer dried food I think, anyway, there wouldn't be any canned food left over.

My Mum rang for our weekly chat that we didn't have during the holidays. My son was on call waiting, so after I chatted with Mum I chatted with him as well. Then I had muesli, hot water, yoghurt and honey for breakfast to save on milk. We buy boxes of UHT, and I think we are getting less boxes or something, our sequence of events seems to be out. I love muesli that way so it was no hardship there.

I then went to have a second shower to wash my hair and decided it was warm enough for my hair if I put only my hair in, no I am not Irish, is there a more modern friendlier expression for that? So now I am up to combing it.

Before I had the second shower I took out the scraps as I noticed the dog looked a little like he didn't know whether to stand up or sit down out the window while I was eating breakfast. He liked that and I noticed I now have to walk slowly so he can follow me to the door as he usually likes to do. So it is getting not very funny very quickly. Our dog has bone cancer in his leg. I saw that the wallflower was out, so I got my camera to take a picture for tomorrow's Bloomday.

Yes, it had fined up in the meantime and it is a lovely day outside. It doesn't look like it is going to be anything like last week's 8oC days. I was worried about being cold and home by myself today. I had memories of last year. It is cold going to school and sitting in the car on an 8oC day. So today should be pleasant. I noticed yesterday even the sunsets were very dull compared to a week or two ago.

The cat is sitting right up against the wood heater, which is not what he usually does. I went to brush my teeth and heard a dog crying, and was very relieved to find him resting in his kennel. So now I am up to date and awaiting lunchtime. I have established where little daughter's ballet clothes are. I am using the spare today.

Our hot water is in the roof of the house. It heats up at the wrong time of the day because of a fairly recent power out that lasted many hours. It starts heating just before lunchtime. It can't stay in the roof much longer or it will cause a flood because of worn parts.

My hubby and second son came home for lunch. I ate lots of cream cheese spread on toast, and drank my tea by the computer after they left. Read lots of blogs from the list of participants, put a book on hold at the library, and some some reason seem like I am very tired so will have a little rest for 20 minutes and head out to school.

The weather has made such a big difference to me. I was nearly frightened of the cold until this nice change. I am not used it to I suppose. The sun is streaming in my bedroom window. In the last few days it has been too cold to read in there, or it wasn't as pleasant as it would be today. I have finished my book, The Diary of Mattie Spenser, so reserved another Sandra Dallas book. The Mattie Spenser book is a little hard to take, but as I had read a similar book before I skimmed over the awful bits.

In the meantime our eldest has rung again. He is doing tax. I have paid back the government in advance for the money I used to feed said son before he started working, this week I look forward to the extra money. It is hard with family payments to change jobs, or even for your children to start working. But, that is behind us now, yay.

I parked the car at ballet, walked to school. Waited outside in the sun until the bell. Yawning. The teacher reminded me of a big event tomorrow. Helped youngest at ballet and drove home with sunnies on and the airconditioner! Can you believe it? I wear skivvies and the walk up the hill told me it was unnecessary to wear it with a fleecy windcheater today.

Last month the moon was pretty and I wanted this particular shot, so I was lucky I brought my camera with me. Sorry I didn't zoom in a bit.

Writing things on the calendar at home. Had taken something for a rare headache. Back to ballet shortly. Kids watching TV though I think the wii was on earlier. Saw eldest daughter walking home from school and yelled out hi to her. Everyone else here yells out to people, so if it is not too embarassing I do that too. I don't think I have started parking on the roadway to talk yet.

Eldest daughter says that someone helped themselves to her Easiyo that she had planned to eat all through the day including breakfast.

Didn't need the airconditioner once the temperature started to drop, which it does very quickly here. Helped youngest with putting her things away. Middle daughter wants to make toffee apples. I feel better now, I am playing this. I put it on to mask the TV noise. Wrote dh an email about if we need to get anything for tomorrow.

Hubby adding his expertise to the toffee apples. I have had a nice cup of tea and some dates. The bratwurst are thawing out in the microwave. The toffee coated the apples well, but they say they are burnt. Better luck next time.

Trying out a new recipe tonight. We buy sausages in 1lbs, when our family really needs well over a kg. So the recipes for that amount of sausages for 6 people tend to be warm salads. This is the one we are doing tonight.

We were really impressed with it. It has an Australian taste, I guess it it all those barley soups, and peas with meals.

The kids are going to bed.


Still at Home said…
Hi Linda,
That is a lovely blue sky in your moon picture. The weather was perfect here today.
Jan said…
Thank you for sharing your day with us.
I enjoyed reading about your day. I love lots of cream cheese on toast with a hot cup of tea! Yum! It's been too long since I've had that.

I've posted my day, too.

Quinne said…
Hi Linda :) I enjoyed my visit with you here! Blessings, Q

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