Dogs on Thursday ~ July 10

You may remember the couple of entries I did about our dog in May. We have had a very eventful
week with our dog last week, last Thursday being the upshot of it I guess.

Our dog has had what seemed like a sore foot for two weeks. Nothing seemed to be amiss. Earlier in the week we took him to the vet and she said it was actually his shoulder and booked him in for an x-ray. Today we found out that he has bone cancer and has four months to live.

We is a lovely natured dog. He will be given stronger painkillers, and it is our hope that he doesn't break any bones in the meantime.

His name is Mousse. He is named after his chocolate and white coloured fur. He came to us from the pound half grown when I think our eldest daughter was 2, 12 years or so ago. We had had two pointers before, he didn't look right, but with love and care, he grew into a very nice looking dog.

The past year or so he has had odd bumps, and had surgery on one lump near his throat. He has an ugly lump on his leg, which distresses the girls and sometimes ruins his photographs lol.

He just loves our company and as sick as he is, in true pointer fashion he is still up for a game. In fact he has been very affectionate towards me in the past few weeks, maybe he wants to let us know he cares, if dogs do that.

The really bizarre thing is, and I don't like comparisons, but I lost my father to cancer in May. He was given three months to live. I know I will have a little time to get used to it, well I hope so. My father died a little before his time. I haven't had a pet with cancer before.

We were thinking of moving house this year. The new yard has no fence between the front and the back. Which means the gates have to be kept shut at all times, even though a stranger may open the front gate to come to the door. We were worried about taking him there, especially since the neighbours have free range chickens. Also we have deliveries in the morning of fruit and vegetables. He is deaf, so we don't like him to get out at all. There are also rules about allowing people to come to the door without being worried about dogs. There are fines for it.

So, we will be here until he passes on I think, and make him as comfortable as possible. Then at some point we will possibly have a new yard. Wherever our yard is, we know it will be the poorer without our faithful friend.

His favourite pasttime was following my husband around while he does gardening. He is not allowed to do much activity now even if he can, but maybe he can still enjoy that. Maybe just in his backyard where he can't run away. He was gardening this past weekend. He did howl a couple of days ago, looks a little lighter in the coat, though it is winter, and seems to rest a lot, but sometimes just the same as ever.

He also loves to come and see what scraps I throw out, and he is friends with our cat. He still barks at the neighbours who prune this time of year. Usually he is quiet and well behaved. One of my girls spent some of her birthday money on him last year.


flmom said…
He's a lovely dog and sounds like a wonderful fur friend. We have such fond memories of our two girls who passed in the last year. They never leave our hearts.


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