Four Things Meme

I found this great blog Gillybean, and an open meme, that I would love to take part in. Thanks for letting anyone tag themselves Gillybean.

Four movies I'd watch again

Love's Enduring Promise
Love Comes Softly
Love's Long Journey
Love's Abiding Joy

Four places I've lived


Four TV shows I watch

Life Begins Again
Ready Steady Cook (UK)
Britians Best Dish

Four places I've been

Port Arthur

Four people I email

My hubby
Eldest Daughter
Eldest son
Sometimes the library

Four things I love to eat

Stewed Apple
Homemade Icecream
Silverside & Potatoes & Homemade Sauce plus Green Beans

Four places I'd rather be

Melbourne City
Melbourne Zoo
By a stream on a farm

Four things to look forward to

Watching the ballet eisteddfod
Maybe watching Australian Idol
New flowers in the garden, new plants for this year
Books arriving in the mail

Four people to tag

Everyone is very welcome to tag themselves. I won't mind at all.


Gillybean said…
Thanks for saying Hi. The blog community is such a cool way to meet other interesting people.
flmom said…
I have never watched those movies, although they do come on tv here quite often. Maybe one day I'll take the time. said…
They aired Aussie idol here in the states during a "slow time" (the writers were on strike)... and it was pretty interesting. When people are singing, you don't really notice accents!
Linda said…
I would say pick out the first one in the series and watch that one. I have two more to watch, number 5 & 6. Hallmark here had one airing last month, and none this month (for August).

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