Mindful without being mindful

Mindful, has a nice ring to it doesn't it? It has a kind of feeling of being mindful of your Mum as a child or something like that. Mindful of the road perhaps?

Simplicity has a nice ring to it as well. It brings up memories of gorgeous sewing patterns. Simple, not quite as good, no one wants to be called the other kind of simple, but maybe that is OK.

The question is, if you are living a simple life, do you have to be mindful as well? I had a little look at what it meant in basic terms, and dispensing with the monkeys found it was about not looking forward or back just being in the present. I just thought of a song by Slim Dusty, Looking Forward, Looking Back. It has a positive message.

I admit to not spending much time thinking about the past. If I do, because of the fast pace of living with five other people, not little kids anymore, and a husband with a fast paced job, and two houses, I guess I set a kind of time limit on it. I get bored and move on to something else.

Yes, you hear lots from perhaps un-enlightened people that being on the computer for long periods is bad. But, for being mindful, if I wanted to be mindful, it is an excellent tool. I find I can spend many happy hours this way. Of course, visiting lovely positive places. No forward or backward thinking. I find it bad though if I am supposed to be making medical appointments or spending the odd half and hour just thinking, which certainly helps with remembering and thinking of nice things the kids need done for them.

I guess places that celebrate the simple things of life, like cooking, lovely retro homely things, and things of nature, nice fellowship.

In my house at the moment, I have an electronic washing machine, and a microwave timer. Both can be used to do things and to alert me on the computer of things that have finished that need my attention.

The future, well that is something that can be covered by faith I guess. The year before my eldest went to uni was a challenge to me, same this year. Underneath I wonder if I will do all I can to make sure that all the bases are covered to get things organised for next year. My Mum is a wonderful example of that. It is called responsibility. Sometimes I am a tiny bit of a shirker. I didn't always do that though. Mum is more disciplined in taking on things that don't fit a routine and things like that. Hairbrained was one of her sayings that applied to me when I was a teenager, and probably rightly so. I guess my faith and positive though sometimes outweighs practicality and my abilities. I sometimes scream up to the line.

Mindfulness though, I didn't realise was complicated. I do feel a comfortable life can sometimes bring too much time and a lack of experiences that makes us more susceptible to thinking too much. I guess we will all come to the point of being less busy at some point in our lives. I think at that point we could remember we all did the best with what we knew to do at the time.

How do you deal with anger then? Not sure at all what I do about that. I have heard that my Grandfather put a great deal of emphasis on the miracle of having food on the table and I have to agree with that.

Being aware is a phrase that goes with mindful. I had no idea. I think I am of this mentality. (Click for sound sample.)

Anyway, it reminds me of this song called Big Black Cloud by Felicity Urquart, an excellent country music singer. When I first heard it on TV I loved it. The lyrics, I don't find that nice, but the song is lovely.

Here is a nice piece, albeit oldish, of retro images and lovely music.

I found my happiness the highest when the kids were smaller, reading magazines during my daily rest period, this must have been post daytime TV lol. Dreaming about making or doing the things in the magazine. The magazines of course, were decorating ones, and things like that. I loved Our House magazine, even For Me, which was pretty radical, but had a new interesting way of looking at things.

I guess the scripture sums it up nicely. Philippians 4:8 KJV

"Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."

Mindful & Simplicity are put together as well sometimes. I guess the original downsizers were dropping out in some ways. Still it is still an option for some and a healthy one if it is best for you at the time. And a lot of good things have come from these people's enthusiasm especially their tolerance. I lived in this type of community, albeit a bit separate, in 2003 and found it the friendliest place and very accepting of me. As long as I could keep my separateness that would be very nice.

I wonder if simple then, is ever used without mindful? Yes, it is. I rechecked Wiki and all is well.

A gumboot moment.


Out Back said…
Well said Linda, I have enjoyed reading this post, you have made some good points. My mother also is a very responsible, simple living person. She is involved with everything in her rural community. This wasn't passed on to me although as I have got older I am beginning to look at things differently. I too irk at responsiblity especially when other people are involved. I think for me, it is the fear of failure.

Have a great day,

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