Simple Woman's Daybook ~ July 21

Outside My Window... Grey, mist over the gumtrees, small amount of fog below the mountain
I am thinking... about my son at the snow fields, he has been busting to go for ages
I am thankful for... my son's trip
From the kitchen... I think I will have Anchovette on brown bread for lunch
I am wearing... just my usual winter gear, I need to buy more windcheaters, this one is the warmest
I am creating... I want to write some more blog posts
I am going... to the regional centre, we won't be shopping, maybe we could buy a jar of Fluff or something like that
I am reading... nothing, but I want to start something, I was reading Mennobrarian's blog
I am hoping... our son gets a nice snow photo for this post
I am hearing... game cube game on the wii
Around the house... our cat has been in a fight and is resting, we haven't had too much trouble with cat fights in the past
One of my favorite things... the cute spice containers the girls used to play shop this morning
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: I will get a delivery of seeds from Beautanicals
Here is picture thought I am sharing...


flmom said…
Beautiful photo - looks so nice and cool (considering we will be in the high 90's (*F) today!). My kids would love to see and play in snow.
I enjoyed your daybook and the story in the post below. I recently went to see the American Girl movie,Kit Kiteridge. It takes place in 1934 at the start of the American depression. My mother would have been 6 at that time. This story takes place in the city. The experience for city dwellers was much different from that of those on farms. My great grandfather owned a large farm and my mother lived nearby. During the depression, food was never an issue only the few things farmers had to buy because of course there was not much money as the price of crops dropped very low.
Mama Bear
Titania said…
Linda I just read your daybook, this is life...early this morning it was raining, it has stopped now and perhaps the sun comes out to dry my washing again, as I forgot to take it in last evening!
Is it snowing, as your picture shows snow....brrr cold...I am not used anymore.
Linda said…
No not snowing right here. It is warm inside today. Yesterday I didn't manage the fire properly, so glad it is warm today.

I remember vaguely a story that my GGrandma liked to feed the people that walked by the farm in the Depression. My family were very lucky during that time.

flmom it is a shame that we both have opposite weather, well the two countries. It is very hard to see the opposite weather on the net. If it made your feel cool, well that is good.
Linda said…
Titania, I think it was your garden that first made me think I wouldn't mind living in Queensland. That was the first time I had thought it.
I enjoyed reading your Daybook. It's so interesting to have a glimpse into other women's days. Thanks for your nice comment on my Daybook. Enjoy your week!


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