Thankful Thursday ~ July 10

This week saw our eldest son pick up his first car. I am thankful though he has had his licence for awhile that he is able to drive. It is a very economical car.

Our daughter's extra ballet classes went well.

My Thursday blessings were:

~ nice books from the library

~ knowing what is wrong with our dog and what to expect in the future

~ good health coldwise for those in our family at home

~ thoughtful person at the Youth Centre who is prepared to cook to keep the kids going in the late afternoon

~ nice buns for lunch

~ being able to write and take pictures with the digital camera

My Sunday blessings were:

~ there was still some wood for us to collect and bring home from our usual place of collections

~ the dog still being with us and good company

~ a nice salad from our daughter's homegrown lettuces

~ putting our lights up for "Christmas" in July

~ lovely cloud formations

~ homemade pizza for lunch, I got two pieces our middle daughter made

~ warm afternoon

My Monday blessings were:

~ rain that has lasted 24 hours so far

~ more pizza homemade that my daughter made

~ hubby being able to get some of his work done for when he goes back to work after his holiday

~ a good sleep

~ getting some sweeping done and some tidying

My Wednesday blessings were:

~ a good book to read

~ a pretty day, a warm afternoon


Lots to be thankful for!

I think I need to look more on the things I have rather than the things I don't.
I like how you shard your blessing for each day! I LOVE library books.
Cheryl said…
Great list. Always better to look at our positives. Even when times are not as good, we can find things to be thankful for.

Peggy said…
Linda ...what a complete and aMazing list for each day! That's how it should be...simple thanks for what we are blessed with each day! Love the extras for your kid's blessings: driving an economical car and extra ballet!
Library books...classic but GREAT!

I pray that your dog remains well!

Be blessed continually...and plenty of wood and food for y'all
Anonymous said…
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. At the moment I am especially grateful for the wood my husband has chopped for the fire, it is very cold.
Have a great day.
Denise said…
Such sweet blessings.
Anonymous said…
christmas lights in july? wow! i thought i'm early with putting up our christmas tree/lights in october. you're earlier. haha! God bless! love your list.
Darlene said…
Great list of thanks! I like how you listed each day. great idea!

Have a fabulous day!
Kristi said…
I just love your daily list. Blessing to you and your family today.
Tracy said…
Wow! Much to be thankful for and I love that you chose specific things for every day! A good challenge and reminder to me to look for something always to be grateful for...thanks!

Laurie Ann said…
Great list for Thankful Thursday! Enjoyed your post.
Peculiar said…
How precious it is just to be thankful for those everyday things that we often let slip pass our notice. When small things work out like a close parking space at the store I'm going into when every other one is full and finding things on sale that I didn't expect when I get in there, I am so grateful and I try to remember to thank God right then. These things seem small, but they help shape our day and our thoughts in a BIG way. I enjoyed reading your post. You seem to have a grateful heart.
Mary said…
So many things to be thankful for. God is good! Thanks for sharing the daily blessings!

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