Thankful Thursday ~ July 17

The theme for this week is trust. And I think I agree with Iris' sentiments about that. These are the points that I can relate to:

"Trust no one! Well, except the Lord and the ones that are very close to you ...

Again this week I was reminded that we really can trust only a handful people this side of heaven. There are a lot of mean-spirited people in this world. But I digress, so here is my thankful list for this week…

I am thankful that I can share my heart and concerns with my beloved. Even when I loose total focus on a matter, he is there to comfort me. He helps me to see reason (thank you Lord for placing this particual treasure in my life)

I am thankful that I can trust that everything will work out for the good and that all mean people will be exposed in due time…

Last but not least, I am thankful that I can trust my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to be my protection until eternity…"

I am thankful I can trust my husband as well. And edited to say I feel that there are probably lots of trustworthy people out there that I just don't have the pleasure of knowing.

I found Iris' scripture online on a neat site, and looked for other trust verses and found this one:

2Sa 22:31 [As for] God, his way [is] perfect; the word of the Lord [is] tried: he [is] a buckler to all them that trust in him.

I read this scripture fairly recently in a novel by Al & Joanna Lacy called The Tender Flame. The book mentions the scripture a lot and is a nice book.

This week my blessings have been related to the weather. Last Friday it snowed up on the hills. I was on the phone to my son who said his colleagues had mentioned they could see snow outside, perhaps on the hills too. I went outside and saw some! I was blessed because if I didn't talk to my son then I wouldn't have seen it. On Saturday we went to our other house, and saw so much snow it was lovely. I saw some on some hills again today. I also noticed on Saturday how an insignificant flower we found by the road, turned out to be a stunner in the right conditions. It flowers in winter and is lovely (see photo).

The cold was getting me down. On Monday the school holidays were finished and I didn't want to be home alone in the cold. Guess what? It was a beautiful day. Some days have been cold again but I am OK. Monday I had to go out so it was very pleasant. Same today. And some of our nights have been warm.

A lot of Aussie's and Kiwi's that live in the colder areas have been posting their pictures of helebores and wintersweet and snow, so it has been a little celebration.

I lost my rain jacket, so I am blessed today that it didn't rain, then I found it.

I was worried about my dog who has cancer, but today he seems to be learning to get along and not use his sore leg. He doesn't have to use his front leg, so it is great he has learnt to do that. Of course he uses it when he wants to. I feel better I have some small bones in the freezer for him and some dog biscuits for when he needs cheering up. On Monday I heard a dog crying and was so afraid he had hurt his leg. It wasn't our dog.

Today I felt blessed. I have been wanting to buy some rue, the herb. I saw also some Lad's Love and Pyrethrum, but I am saving my money for a trip, so only bought rue. I want to see the flowers again. I haven't seen them since I visited Nana and Grandpa in my teens. Rue smells bad, but is a pretty bush.

I have been very blessed by a meme called Bloomday (see post below). July's Bloomday was very inspirational and it made me realise how much I love flower gardens and perennials. I looked online for astilbe and a place to buy it just popped up. I haven't had that plant for years! I was very good, and to make the most of the postage I also bought flowering tobacco. I have always wanted one since I saw it in someone's garden in the late 80s I think. I thought it was amazing since I am used to real tobacco plants. I love the lime green coloured flowers. (Yes, tobacco has pink flowers.)

I know it is a lot colder in the US & Canada in winter etc. but our houses have not been designed for it really. I was also blessed by the Barley & Bratwurst salad we ate.


Denise said…
Thanks for sharing your grateful heart. Be blessed.
Cheryl said…
Thank you for sharing your heart. I agree Trust can be difficult.

Happy TT!
Anonymous said…
it's truly a blessing to be able to trust Someone who we know will never let us down. thank you for sharing your heart with us. God bless you, linda.
Serendipity said…
Thank you for sharing yor thankful heart! The weather nowadays has been real crazy. Sorry to hear about your dog. Glad that he's doing ok.
Kristi said…
Thanks for sharing your TT list with all of us! Blessings!
Laurie Ann said…
Great post! I'm so sorry about your dog, but it sounds like he's doing great for now. God bless you for sharing your thankful heart with us. Happy TT!
sharon said…
I realy loved reading about your life in Australia...thanks for sharing. Sorry about your dog...

God bless.
flmom said…
Beautiful TT post and such a wonderful photo to go along! I love all your pics. My hubby has been to Australia several times, but I have never had the opportunity to visit. Your great pics let me take a little trip via my computer.

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