Thankful Thursday ~ July 31

The theme for this week is Relationships.

This week I am thankful for:

The snow I saw in the gutter on the road on our way to the regional centre. While I was there I went to a plant nursery. I was not blessed from the idea of consumerism, but I was taken with how the nursery was laid out and the plants and statues. I thought it gave the impression of a garden and it was very restful. I found some colours of helebores and was very excited about that. Maybe one day I could add a colour or two to my helebore garden.

We went to the botanical gardens and it reinforced or reminded me of what I liked in gardens. I loved seeing the lillipillies. They are an Australian tree with pink fruit, a lovely shade tree, and you can make preserves from the fruit. We weren't brought up to that idea so haven't tried it.

I was blessed to find some costume ideas at the op-shop and that hubby had the time to alter them slightly for our eldest daughter so she could attend a Youth Group function.

A very kind person included in our seed order some cotton from a bush to show the kids what it looks like, and some extra tobacco seeds. I will look forward to them growing very much.

I was really pleased to get the lawn cut at our other house. I am sure it looks much better. I was pleased that our second son's English teacher responded to a call and helped him out with his homework.

I was able to handsew the hem of our youngest's school skirt that came down.

I found a lovely country music artist to listen to, I am always glad to find country music that is suitable for the kids to listen to.

I got a delivery of two plants yesterday, that was nice too. Not expensive, but will add to the garden. Something for the future I guess.

It felt like spring for a couple of days and it felt hopeful.

We did something this week that we had been putting off and were worried about. Though we haven't seen the benefits of it yet, we are glad everything went smoothly, and I guess we will feel more settled over the coming week.

You may remember last week we were making chocolate cakes in mugs. This week we have still been making them. One night hubby decided he would rather have teacake instead of chocolate cake. He got out a recipe for microwave teacake and he made one. We haven't got to the stage of adapting it for a cup yet.

My son had a newsletter with the chocolate cake in a mug in it, so that was nice.


Denise said…
Such a nice thankful list.
Heart 4 My Home said…
What a delightful TT post. I so enjoyed reading it.
Kristi said…
Oh, that view is incredible! What a cool name for a tree. I'm going to have to google it for a picture. Blessings to you!
genny said…
Thanks for sharing your TT list. TC

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