Weekend Musings

Saturday I went out a couple of times, well three actually. I went to netball twice and to the Takeaway to buy lollies. As it turned out gummy bears & mates.

I was walking along, camera-less again, and I saw a cloud with a straight across brilliant gold lining. Walking along further I saw a van pass by with a slogan written boldly on the back, something like: Simple, doesn't go out of style. So I am thinking, even though it is possibly an American concept, quite popular in Australia.

Earlier on, those cockatoos (sulphur crested) where on one person's nature strip. Very hard to drive by. Quite a large amount on one small lawn, amazing. A few of them tried to fly up by my front window so I drove slowly.

Remember the character in Philip Gulley's books, the newspaper man? I could do a running commentary on what I saw on my walk, but of course I can't.

It was very quiet when I went for my walk, quite cold. I enjoyed the historical photo on the wall, the couch in another shop window, it was very pleasant. The couch was the orange version of a blue one I bought not too long ago. I love orange!

FOR TODAY Sunday...

Outside My Window... Grey cloud with a lighter patch near the edge of the mountain, very pretty

I am thinking... about blog posts

I am thankful for... a clean loungeroom

From the kitchen... we are having the rare, but becoming more frequent left-overs, lentil soup with bacon bones, and perhaps buns

I am wearing... polar fleece v-neck jumper, op-shop jeans, black skivvy, pooh bear socks and slippers

I am creating... fixing the hem of youngest daughter's school skirt. The hem came down after school on Friday

I am going... to ballet next, or maybe to take back a sombrero that we borrowed

I am reading... Minnesota by JoAnn A. Grote

I am hoping... we feel more cheerful this week

I am hearing... Myth Busters, I don't like hearing it in the background particularly

Around the house... two girls in their room, one teen boy doing homework in his room

One of my favorite things... anything warm today

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: getting the food shopping done

Here is picture thought I am sharing...


Titania said…
I just read your weekend musings; now the day has already gone. Here it was a nice sunny day, in the morning it looked like rain. I baked fresh bread and now I have to go,cut it in slices and freeze it. I hope you have a nice day tomorrow. Good night Linda.
Linda said…
Goodnight, you too.
Denise said…
It was fun to read your weekend musings and I enjoyed the photo at the end of it. It is 8.47 p.m. here and haven't done much but I am alway amazed at how fast the day goes. We had a big thunderstorm this afternoon but went out once it had passed. We visited a local bookstore and then the supermarket. I'm off to work tomorrow, not motivated yet but hope I will be after a good night's sleep :)))))) Have a great week.

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