all our troubles seemed so far away... No only joking.

Yesterday I got ready for a trip to the regional centre. Two of the six of us stayed home, the rest came in the car. Middle daughter and I did a deal, if she had a packed lunch she could buy Tooth Tunes; yes we watch the Disney Channel. So I got into this packed lunch and asked hubby to make me a thermos as he is of the thermos generation, or his Mum and Grandma were. He had made me a couple of thermos' last year when I had to go early to meet tradesmen at our new house or other jobs at the new house that required my presence possibly for a long part of the day.

I decided against taking the camera with us, couldn't think what I would take a photo of that hasn't been taken before. That turned out to be a mistake, and fairly predictable really.

I am not sure if I would have taken photos in the nursery. Haven't worked out how people feel about you taking pictures at their place of business, I suppose it is OK. I would have been alright really, I wanted to express how lovely the helebores I saw where. So antique flower looking.

There is a purple one that is so purple that it is nearly black. So many beautiful ones, and it would have helped my memory to have photos. After the drive back it is like I wasn't even there almost.

We had an hour to pass, so we went to the botanical gardens. It was really enjoyable. I was particularly impressed with the kauri pine I saw pictured here. In real life it is very impressive. This is the pine that lots of old Australian kitchen dressers are made from.

We went to K-mart. At the door we were able to get some of the free 3-D glasses for the movie on Austar this Saturday. I guess on the Disney Channel lol. The Tooth Tunes were on sale, joy! We had been trying to get them for ages. Last time another shop didn't have the right one.

This is how my brain works. Went to Coles. Walked past the green beans in perfect plastic sealed bags. Very interested in those. Thinking later they must be a great pack to put in the basket after a day at work or quickly buying something for tea or whatever happens at the supermarkets that I don't know about. Found Admiral Melon Balls in a jar. Very small balls of rockmelon. Couldn't work out what you would use them for. Relieved they are not worth much considering the amount of melon in the jar. Hubby suggests icecream. Ahhh. Website, icecream.

I have been chasing Chai Tea for awhile and got some. It is mostly to perfume my mug & cup cupboard. Coles have their own Chai Tea, but Twinings costs about $9. Wonder how my Chai Tea compares. Bought a jar of Fluff. Still couldn't find the "red" shaving cream hubby wanted. Nothing fancy, very old-fashioned but hard to find.

Back to the park with a bag of chips. Previously, at the shopping centre "baby" decides she is too old to ride on the little merry-go-round. I have a cup of tea. Walk to the car over lots of squashed lillypillies on the street footpath. Hubby had tried one earlier. We haven't been brought up to think of them for fruit for making jams, so still suspicious, like there is another one, not the one we know.

Dart back to Target to get a newspaper that I forgot after walking straight past the shopping centre newsagent. As predicted they don't have any. Daughter got side tracked in there, bit worried for a minute. Ran out of time to get Freedom catalogue. Shopping is like that when we go to the regional centre or our hometown. Last time the girls got side-tracked in BigW and that was it, time's up.

Checked out the roses in the nursery, all have shot. Can't believe how advanced everything is out of the mountains a little way.

On the way home we saw snow in the gutter at one point, and also some kangaroos together looking at us. The mountain view was very high and glorious.

Today I had to get the girls ready for a Mexican night. I went to the op-shop and bought six pieces of clothing from a trunk with dress up clothes in it for 50c each. I didn't know which pieces the girls would like. One girl thought she didn't have a costume to wear, so I guess she was surprised. A skirt was taken in for her, and she wore a white lace shirt with red shiny vest over it with a rose print. The skirt was homemade with crepe and velvet in vertical panels. In the end our other daughter borrowed a sombrero and wore "boys" clothes and a black wig which I thought was a great last minute decision.

The birds are funny around here. I mentioned Jays having a great time earlier in the week. The last few days it was the cockatoos. I took this poor photo of them while walking around today. I even noticed a whole nature strip with curious holes like someone had airated the lawn, only occasionally it was a triangle shape like a beak!


flmom said…
I have avoided buying a Tooth Tunes thusfar ... not that I haven't been asked a million times though. LOL!

Is the 3-D movie the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus/Jonas Brothers concert? That will be playing at our house this weekend.
Linda said…
It sounds like the same one.

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