An Award!

On a dreary winter's day I woke to find I had won an award! It was awarded to me by flmom at The Narrow Path. Thank you flmom!

"Share this award with all those blogs out there that you love. All the people who make you smile. All those that make you laugh. All those that make your day. All those that leave uplifting comments on your blog."

I wasn't really a blog reader from memory until very recently. I think I have the bug now! I had my friends at homesteadblogger and that was about it I think. I'm not sure how it goes, I think firstly I participated in memes and carnivals. When I got this new blog I joined the Aussie bloggers forum. Then I think I found the list of top Australian women bloggers perhaps at All For Women. It is interesting that many I have met, we seem to find ourselves participating in similar memes etc.

I have linked this award back to its founder. Those that I award that cheer my day, please link back to Memoirs of a Mommy as well, thanks.

I started this particular blog because of my blog review as I mentioned in my first post. I have still not settled into how best to achieve the goals set, but I realised how much I enjoy writing, which I didn't realise I did exactly. I was always that teenager writing letters to people, or on my typewriting, typing, I can't remember what now.

I would like to award Titania at Yesterday Today & Tomorrow In My Garden. Titania's garden pictures are an inspiration, and she is a great encouragement to me.

My second award is for a recent blog find. Peculiar at How do we get there from here? has been encouraging me in my love for tea and given me ideas and a place to visit and have fun. Also it has been encouraging to do some writing, which is often hard without a push.

Other awards are for:

Mrs. V at Quiet Pleasures of Home really challenged me with the latest post. But in the end I have joined her discussion board and will enjoy visiting the blogs of her friends, some I have read and enjoyed before. And I will be reading more posts. Today I am happy, I was off the computer in the morning and did some decluttering!!

Hill Upon Hill thank you for trying the tea acrostics. Your style of posting is very inspiring. You are very gracious.

Tania from Outback for your comments. You give me courage and perspective.

There are three encouragers that I am not sure want an award button, but you are welcome to take one. BigDadGib, Old Wom Tigley and Carol. They have been encouraging, and help me make the best of my world.

Ann at Not Working Yet. I love Melbourne. I had a boy in early intervention when he was little. So I love Ann's blog and love to see her life that was similar to mine before my accidental treechange in some way. Thanks for your comments.

Denise at An English Girl Rambles gives me an interesting look at American life. I love her positive outlook. I love the Denise's that visit me.

C10 is my honorary Australian. She is countryless. I know she lives in the Northern Hemisphere. Please check out her gorgeous crochet. She is also gracious and gives me lots to think about.

It seems I have missed lots of lovely blog posts I need to read some more. It has been a busy week so far here. My little girl went to sleep straight after ballet class tonight, around 5pm!


Denise said…
Thank you so very much for this sweet award, bless you.
Mrs. V. said…
Oh thank you very much! I'll work on a post for this tonight. Hope you had a blessed weekend!
C10 said…
Linda, thank you very much for your kind words and the award of course! I'm not countryless, I live in The Netherlands (Holland to some), that is way up north in Europe indeed. :-)

Titania said…
Hi Linda, it is quite a while since I have "seen you"! I had quite a while trouble with my bloglist. I lost you and will put you back now, because it makes it easier to follow a blog. I do like the picture with the farm gate. I have read now all the posts I have missed. You are a busy mum and still find the time to write. Good on you. I love books too. I have always been an avid reader.
Linda it is very kind of you to give me this award, I appreciate it.
Yesterday was a not here nor there day, the sun was hiding. I was still in the garden to pot and re pot plants I bought and some I received from my good neighbour. It is nice work and very peaceful, if Billy my Jack Russel wouldn't always take my gloves or my pots...his way of saying come and play!
Peculiar said…
Linda, thank you so much!! As I've said before when I've surprisingly gotten an award, I am completely humbled by your selection of me. When I first got an award, I was afraid and embarrased to take it. I had a nice friend speak to me about it, and then I was okay. But I've got to tell ya, I'm still just so humbled, which I guess, is good.

Thank you so much for thinking enough of my words to appreciate them with an award. I humbly accept. I will post about it tonight. I pray that people don't see me, but are pointed toward Christ and are entertained sometimes too. That's what it's all about.

Thanks again.
Hill upon hill said…
Thankyou, this is really lovely to be part of this community. It is interesting to see so many blog paths crossing. I enjoy visiting the blogs from other countries but also different parts of Australia, it feels as though we are going on a little road trip everytime I visit yours. "Come on Aussie, come on...."
Out Back said…
Hi Linda,
Thankyou kindly for this award, my first one. I too am humbled to think that you appreciate my comments enough to warrant an award. Keep up the good work, I enjoy catching up with your posts almost every day even though I don't always comment.

Your kindness is very much appreciated.

Peculiar said…
Linda, I wasn't able to post about my award the night I told you, but I do have a post about it now, if you'd like to go over and see it. I apologize I couldn't get it done more promptly. I've been fighting a virus, plus, I forgot and got busy with something else.

I thank you again and appreciate you coming over to read my posts. I will check in with you often as well.
Linda said…
A similar thing happened to me so I understand.
JGH said…
Being new to the blogosphere, I really appreciate your listing of favorite blogs. I really like yours so I'm looking forward to checking these out!
Linda said…
Thanks jgh.

I have put three more of my favourite blogs in the meme below.

Still at Home said…
Hello Linda,
Thank you, you are so sweet. I'm sorry for this is a tardy response. I have not been "about" much lately, and now there are some viruses lurking about here too.
I love your Australia pictures.
Linda said…
Thinking of you Ann.

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