Bloomday ~ August

The first photos are from my new house. The first flower the previous owner planted in a little circle of stones. There are two circles not far from the front door. We took two magnolias from our current house and planted them in the circles. Some of her flowers died in one circle and we replaced them with primrose like annuals and they are nearly out.

In July Bloomday the white helebores were out. Today I noticed that the flowers from last year must have dropped seeds and all these babies have grown up. Considering the plants were moved nearly a year ago, it is very impressive. I saw a purple, nearly black helebore in a shop recently, it would make a great addition to our garden bed.

The hyacinths were purchased for our current house to go with the paint colours of green and yellow. The pots were from our previous house, they are from the 60s when that house was built. At the new house they are out in the open. The weather there is very rainy, so they get sprinkled a lot.

There were some star bulbs in a terracotta pot and also the neighbour's wattle hanging over the fence.

The next photos are from our current house, with a photo of snowdrops posted on my Thankful Thursday post. The first is a fragrant osmanthus, an early one. It only grows small and we need to trim it more into a square after it flowers.

Then some Sweet Alice or alyssum which is also fragrant and has babies through the garden that we mean to transplant to fill in the gaps in our border. We don't keep up to trimming them as often as I would like.

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Hill upon hill said…
I am sure there is a nice scent too.
Dee/reddirtramblings said…
Beautiful blooms for Bloom Day. Happy One.~~Dee
Carol said…
Thanks for joining in for bloom day. It's a bit startling to see what we consider "our" spring flowers blooming in your garden in August. They are beautiful blooms, whenever they flower!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

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