Country Anywhere

I found a lot of parallels between the place of our practise seachange year, and our remote location where we live now.

I found this video of a person driving from one suburb of Melbourne to another suburb of Melbourne. My husband had to drive this road one day as he had to go to a place in the city somewhere and needed to go this way. I never got to see this road, but now have via video. It does illustrate how much better it is in the mountains with a good car. However, there are always trucks on the roads here. It illustrates the point about Melbourne driving, you don't get that so much here.

I found that driving from Kinglake to Healesville was very challenging for me. I used to do this to go food shopping, then decided Mill Park would be better.

I also found this group of songs from Pay Dirt. One of the songs is called The Kinglake Song. Kinglake is very friendly, much friendlier than our hometown. I can't wait until their album comes out, though I think I will make up a CD with these few songs. I remember my daughter wanted to go to a Christmas concert in our practise seachange year, and I think they did bush dances as well. There was always someone who would play these instruments like lagerphone.

There is a photo on Flickr Creative Commons of the view from Kinglake. The view of the city is very inspiring. Even treechanging to Kinglake would bring great rewards as you can see. Once there was a stuffed Santa sitting looking at that view on an old farm implement. The girls didn't get to see it, but I still remember him sitting there.

Kids here don't realise that a lot of their lifestyle, like wombats in the road, bad phone reception, bad TV reception, bush, cold, snow, so many things can be found in a place like Kinglake/Flowerdale.


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