A Day In My Life ~ August

Today I woke up before 8am to a mug of tea. I got my clean clothes from the clothes horse and had a near cold shower, well it was cold, but not freezing. Apparently hubby had heated the water for awhile, that is good. Not sure how cold it can get in the tank, but the cold water straight from the tap is icy in the mountains. I found that our little daughter had already got ready for school and had done her hair, prior to this I think. The others usually get ready after Myth Busters. On turning off the TV middle daughter said "I want to see them blow it up" or something like that.

When I woke up, hubby and I discussed what he had done with the car. He had swapped my radiator cap for his, tried to pump up the tyres with our less than perfect pump, water & oil I think. I suggested he go to the station and put more air in. He came back and said he had put in more petrol. The tank of LPG was full already as we filled it up on Tuesday.

I found there was little weetbix left so I had muesli for breakfast. Cleaned my teeth and left for my shopping trip.

The first pictures I took were of a "Cocky Tree". And in the same spot the road that goes straight up. It is fun to drive up it. I remember when we first came here we found it hard to drive back down it. You just take it more easy going down than going up.

I remember waking in the night and heard the magpies singing. Our dog has cancer, and I had this fanciful thought, that at least in the night he can hear the birds singing. They have been singing for at least two nights. It is very bright out I think. No, magpies don't usually sing in the night.

There was no fog today, but it was dark. Each time I go out to shop it is different. Today seemed to have more traffic. When I say traffic, just a little more than not much, or not much at all.

Over halfway there my car started having fits, or blooping I call it. I had someone following me quite closely so I pulled off the road. Passing is difficult and I wasn't sure what the car would do next. I think it is a bad batch of gas. We got it in the evening instead of morning this time, but I doubt that had anything to do with it. We haven't had a bad batch from there before. I am assuming hubby bought it at the same place. I think there is only one place.

So I took this photo, with a blackwood tree. Then things went fine with the car.

When to the public convenience, parked the car near the grocery and walked to check out the Mensland shop that has ladies clothes as well. I have only one fleecy lined windcheater, the old-fashioned kind. So I bought one, and a matching skivvy. The lady had already judged that I wouldn't want the expensive ones,... thanks. I did, the same kind as the other one I have that is nice and warm. The skivvy not a roll-over but it does help keep my neck warm.

It was a very cold day. My breath was fog. I didn't know to bring a warm jacket or a rain jacket so I had to take both. I wore the rain jacket around the street. I had looked in the nursery/art gallery first on the way past, saw a lovely daphne bush and two lovely clay mushrooms that I had always wanted. But I ended up leaving those since I had bought the clothes. We had some backpay for a payrise, and I took the opportunity with the windcheater so I don't start next winter how I started this one.

Went to the newsagent, that was back to its chilly self but not as bad as I remember it. Bought a Australian Country Style because of the house with the iron sides, that looked so nice. Those nostalgic things seem nicer in the winter time. Sort of mountain living I guess.

Put those in the car and went to buy my groceries. The packers were in fine form today, entertaining, but not annoyingly so. I filled up the trolley, took the bags to the car, put them in and took the trolley back. In the meantime a lady from school popped up near my groceries on the street and we had a chat. Chatted to the ladies in the public convenience a group of old ladies about the slippery floor. It is always slippery. And "air-conditioned" they reckon. It hasn't seemed as bad this year. I must have had a good run because my Mum says she heard it is the coldest weather since 1997, but I can't remember much about the weather that year. I know whe haven't had many frosts. We had such bad ones two years ago, we deserve a break from them hah.

Half way home and the car stalled at an intersection and my power steering went out. Very confusing. It started again. Earlier on I realised that with all the fussing about the radiator cap, we forgot about the phone credit that we didn't buy when I went to the regional centre so middle daughter would have the money for her game. The machine was down and they only had the expensive one. Didn't even check if it was charged much, though it probably was.

Got home, went inside. Checked emails. Eldest son rang after I sent an email to his work address because he had sent me one saying he had wanted to ring early this morning, he does flex time at work but it was too early. He can see previews of his mail, I had sent it to the address he uses at uni. So I told him that I had booked a holiday where he lives. Earlier I said I couldn't come, I was worried about spending too much. Hubby and younger son were going, then I decided the girls and I would come too.

Couldn't resist starting on the bread rolls I bought after bringing in some bags. Hubby and younger son arrived home. Started lunch, then lady arrived with our fundraiser pie order.

The photo is of the groceries and a toy little daughter likes to bring to school. He was originally an op-shop find.

We got the cold things put away between us and ate lunch. The car was emptied and locked. I will write out my menu. This week some meals are already worked out, some I will write down now. Then I want to check out my magazine, check my board, I have 15 minutes. The girls have a bookstall at school so have to work out what I need for that. I will have to take another photo or two for tomorrow's Bloom Day at MayDreamsGardens. Much like this day, but relating to flowers.

I picked up the girls after getting the money for the books. Went to the library. I have an embarassing amount of books out at the moment. Middle daughter ran in to get one that was on hold for me. Came home, little girls unpacked the rest of the groceries for the money for their books. Uploaded photos. Oldest daughter asked me to drive her to netball training. It is very cold. Middle daughter organised for Dad to come get her at Book Fair time.

They bought some little Pokemon books, a Dora book and a Dear Dumb Diary book. I read the latest issue of Overlander 4WD (well skimmed it) because it had a national forest close to here in it. I also read the local paper about my eldest son's friend who is helping raise money for Chinese disabled kids. She went to visit them, isn't that amazing? Finished book by Megan Stine.

I asked second son to run a bath for little daughter and can smell the pies cooking. Eldest daughter is filling out her forms for course selection for Year 10. She wants to do kiaking and cooking in the school's restaurant, and continuing on with Indonesian. I just added my 2c about her only opportunity to do sewing.

I got my new skivvy washed. Organised clothes for an event middle daughter wants to go to tomorrow. Opened mail and wrote down the details of the bills so I won't forget them. Had cup of tea.

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Hill upon hill said…
Glad you got home safely. I love "Country Style". I have a subscription as a birthday present. I am yet to do the groceries.....
C10 said…
You had a busy day! The dog in your trunk your daughter like to take to school is Blue, from Blue's Clues. Perhaps you already know this, but just in case...:-) My daughter really likes that show.
Interesting to hear about the magpies singing. Why do you think they are, because of the bright nights?

Christine from the NL
Still at Home said…
Hi Linda,
Thanks for sharing your day. I was impressed to read how your little girl was up and organised!
Bobbie said…
Sounds like a busy day- that started with a cold shower! BRRRRR!! I cant even imagine.... It was 98 or so here today. I am ready for the cooler weather.
tamlovesran said…
Wow, you had a busy day. I enjoyed reading your journal and seeing the lovely photos. My 3 year old has just recently started playing with his Blues Clues doll that was a hand me down from his cousin.
I've posted my day too.


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