The last week of winter

Today there was a slight promise of things to come. Last time I helped hubby with the rose shifting it was rainy, light cold rain and very very cold. But today I was able to sit on the grass and not worry about getting sunburnt too much. I admired my white lungwort, such a nice big plant, so it likes the place that we planted it, which is great for lungwort. Mine is more cream, a serene looking plant.


Beautiful pictures! This is our last week of summer.

Oh btw, I put up a post on my blog re: the meme you tagged me with --- hope you enjoy it!
Heart Felt said…
isn't it a wonderful feeling coming into spring! Lovely photographs xx
Julie said…
I had not thought of that as yet - the last week of winter. Blimey!
Titania said…
Yes, Linda, here it goes rapidly towards spring, the plants are very advanced this year, so we still have some cold winds from the west.
Hill upon hill said…
yI do like the photo of the church in particulare.

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