Menu Plan Monday ~ August 4

Monday ~ Chilli Tuna Rigatoni
Tuesday ~ Tuna & Zucchini Risotto with Lemon
Wednesday ~ Sausage Bake with Rocket Pesto
Thursday ~ Middle Eastern Chickpea & Vegetable Salad
Friday ~ Mushroom & Pancetta Spaghetti
Saturday ~ Mushroom & Caper Pasta
Sunday ~ Zucchini & Capsicum Fritters with Spinach Salad


Mountain Mama said…
Hello. I found you at BigDadGib's and was wondering about the title of your blog. What does it mean?
You are a very organizes lady. I was never able to have my meals planned so nicely.
Linda said…
Thanks mountain mama. BigDadGib's is great isn't it? For those who don't know click on the CBO computer on the bottom of my sidebar.

I live in a remote area, so remote is for that. It isn't like the outback with red dirt, but a fair way from the chain stores like Aldi, Safeway etc.

I have an introductory post about treechange etc. in the sidebar. But basically seachange is about people who live in urban areas who move to the sea. In my case we are not near the sea (most Australian's live close to the sea) but in an area with bush or trees. It comes from a TV show called Seachange. It is like downsizing, but in our case we moved here for better work prospects.

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