Menu Plan Monday ~ September 1

My menu weeks run Thursday to Wednesday so started last week when I was sick and my car in the workshop. We went away for the weekend as well. I usually go shopping or have a shopping list worked out with what I want to make and make up the menu straight after shopping based on what I have bought. I haven't been shopping yet, but we did pick up the smallgoods on the way home, and I have ordered the fruit today, usually I do it on Wednesday afternoon.

Monday ~ I am having trouble remembering what we had!
Tuesday ~ McDonalds
Wednesday ~ Tea out with family
Thursday ~ Fish Fingers & Chips
Friday ~ Pumpkin & Pancetta Risotto
Saturday ~ Potato & Proscuitto Salad
Sunday ~ Chorizo & Mushroom Pasta


Anonymous said…
You've got a great menu! Have a fabulous week!

Renee said…
Those last three all sound wonderful! But how could they not with pancetta, prosciutto, and chorizo. :)

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