With all those cockatoos visiting all the lawns around town I was wondering why the cockatoos didn't like our lawn and felt a little left out. On Monday they had made their visit sometime. The lawns look like mown hay after they are finished with onion grass lying on the ground. Interestingly, the onions on the onion grass are still intact.

I had noticed this when I was walking. I noticed too that on walking past a repair shop how much I like tractor grease! Yes, I smelt it a lot when I was growing up.

The mountain was very dark, and very cold outside. Then on the way home the sun came out and it was lovely either that or I had warmed up.

At school I thought how the world is the poorer for not having Shirley Strachan in it. I heard Horror Movie coming from a classroom, no not right there on my TV, lol. He has such a cheerful voice. I find the news etc. a bit of a horror movie myself.


Hill upon hill said…
Yes I always think Shirley's death was too premature....I feel sad when I hear his songs.

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