My favourite bird ~ Singing of spring

In a previous post I mentioned my favourite bird. Well, this is my favourite bird when I hear it.

At this house, the biggest joy is the birdsong I can hear from the toilet, as it has louvre windows. The rest of the house is thankfully quiet as we have a little traffic noise and other noise.

This is the sound that is joy to my ears. I actually found the sound on the net. Please ignore the dog howls and listen to the birds. I have not identified the bird that is my favourite yet. I think it is a sign of spring, but not sure.

Mum was talking to me recently (Monday week) about a bird she calls the satin bird. To see one is a joy as well. My son thinks he saw one at our new house, they like oranges. I haven't seen one for years.

Last Thursday week, I heard my favourite bird, as I parked near the public convenience. Still I didn't see it and don't know what it is.

When I wrote this post, for days we had had spring like weather, and on the Thursday I saw a truck kicking up dust. On the way home I noticed it was dry, as Outback Tania mentioned recently.

It has rained a lot in the past few days though. So very mixed. Early today I was convinced I didn't need my jacket. Stay tuned for what happened.


Lanny said…
My daughters and I love to bird watch with our ears as well as our eyes. We have cd's that identify our local birds by their songs and calls. It is amazing how much better we got at siting birds when we could identify who was making the sounds. There are still a few birds that we continue to hear but never see. It is nice to know who they are though. I hope that you can find such a cd for the birds in your area.

I enjoyed hearing your favourite bird. It sounds much like birds here. I always expect things to sound so different - exotic - when they are from a far away land.

I hope your spring comes soon.

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