My weekend

I don't mind telling you, this weekend was a big challenge. It was capped off with a big rain downpour that wet the whole front verandah and put a big layer of water on the table we just got off the trailer. My ribs has just stopped hurting.

I have been having a great time listening to You Are To Me by Adam Brand. I found it after receiving an email from the Blokes n Sheilas website. I just love it. Then I watched tonight's episode of Idol. It was just lovely. A few tears.

Now I feel the trouble of last week is behind me and I will sleep well tonight.

My son flaked out. He is still unwell, and has so many responsibilities with his study. My little girl has been asleep for hours too, she looks a little pale. It is such a horrible virus. Just patience, patience.

The photo is of a wren we saw at the caravan park.

We stayed here two nights. I was going to describe all the difficulties. But while I have forgotten I will leave it at that. Yea.


Denise said…
Goodness, you have had a time of it and now sick children? I hope it won't be long before you're all feeling back to normal and hope your week ahead is a great one. Lovely pictures as always. sorry. wow, your family has been hit so hard with this virus. Sending hugs to you.
Janette said…
It is an awful virus!!! Poor kids were so sick and I was no better! We are better than we were but not completely. Love the pic's of your town. Get well soon
Hill upon hill said…
I have not read about the rest of your week yet, just this post and am a tad concerned. I know you had said last week that you hoped your children would escape the virus. I am sorry they have not. I will read on....
Linda said…
Janette it is a little up the road. Unfortunately we don't have Coles here.

I am glad you are feeling a little better there.

Thanks guys.

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