A new week

Two of the girls went back to school today, and the other one probably could have, she just doesn't seem to be eating normally yet. We decided to buy some two fruits and jelly crystals and ricecream and icecream just to keep her interested in food. Our second son is home today sick. I made his lunch and he has only been up for an hour or two.

The weather is holding, three good sunny days. On Sunday hubby went with our second son to finish the rose garden I helped design. I mostly worked out where I wanted the walkways. Two of our roses were in an old garden bed, planted by the previous owner of our new house. The edges of the bed have to be moved so we don't get caught between the bed and the fence with a snake.

Some other roses are under a tree in a wet spot. I found one red old-fashioned rose we had in a pot that I had bought up the street, a homegrown rose. Altogether we found nine roses to plant and seven box hedging plants that are quite tall.

Hubby got six of the roses in, as the holes had to be dug, the soils mixed and gypsum added. We had some leaves left in a pile from autumn for mulch.

The space the new garden is in is a whole block joined to the main house block. It is just open space and the area shares the same fence etc. it just hasn't been planted out. I was surprised allowing for walkways etc. how much area will be planted out now and how garden like it will be. Such a change from a paddock with that thick couch grass in it.

The roses, are red, orange, a dark yellow, burgundy and a couple I am not sure about.

Yes, I am a bit crook as well, mostly sore kidneys.

I got the first of my parcels. As always with clearance items there is some disappointment, but the clothes are beautiful. They are for our little daughter. They fit with a bit of growth room for next year. I have been snipping off tags in the afternoon sun coming through my window. This is my favourite item. I like how they came in a pretty bag, like you would get if you are shopping in person, something happy and bright.


BigDadGib said…
You take all your own pictures?

Denise said…
Lovely, enjoyed your day. Hope you feel better soon. It's going around here too. So many seem to be getting sick with bad colds.
Linda said…
Yes, and hubby, and the kids sometimes.
Hello Linda - discovered you via Denise's blog and hoped you wouldn't mind if I dropped in.

Enjoyed your post, reading about your new garden, and the photos are lovely. I'll probably look in again.

A x
Linda said…
The more the merrier strawberry jam anne.

Hill upon hill said…
Colds and chest infections are on the go here. 9 year old son sick today. At this rate, I will have the Dept. of Education querying why we have had so much time off school. Hope all recover soon in your house.

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