Red, red red red, who is wearing red today...

All the photos I took on Wednesday have red in them. Here is the last one.

For some reason, that I didn't have time to discover, the library/museum has a display of presumably stuffed dead birds. Very Australian, (pretty), but different. They are parrots and corellas I think.

I was at the library quickly looking for a book called Possum Magic. I had to buy a magic hat. The school had a dressup day planned at the end of the week. The Magic Hat is a children's book by author Mem Fox. It was a Mem Fox dress up day. Why I didn't take notice when the book was in the house, well, not very good is it?

The children had been to see a play about Mem Fox's work, and had also visited this museum/library, so I was glad that I saw it too.

No, the book wasn't there, but we enjoyed ourselves, and middle daughter had her card with her and checked out two good reading books for herself. Bang on the Door Friends, and Friends United.

The Magic Hat had been described to me, as a beanie, a bowler hat, and with a peak!!!

I bought a hat because it looked nice, and have since found the picture in the link.

The title of this post is a children's song.

We are wearing red today... I think it is from Playschool.

The display at the library, I have worked out says "Psittacorum Terra" the land of the parrots.


Hill upon hill said…
Mem Fox is brilliant. She was a speaker at a bookweek in Parkes a few years ago and she said it does not matter if you read the same book everyday to a child, as long as you read to them. So you have seen the "Magic Hat" then?
Linda said…
Not the beanie one. So I reserved the book just then. The book the other day was in the other twin city.

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