Satin Bowerbird ~ Winter Delight

Sunday a piece of my childhood returned with the arrival of the Satin Bowerbird into our new house's garden. We don't live at the new house. Hubby and second son had seen the bird one of the last few times they were there together working on the house. We were in the dining room and hubby said "Mum; the bird is back".

Nearly the whole of our new house's two blocks and nature strips is covered with our worst nightmare in the form of this couch grass. Some people love it, but we are not one of them. Pictured also is the chook house we will probably have to move because we could get trapped with a snake behind the pool. However it is very tempting just to put some chooks in it, as they will be warning if a snake is nearby I think, but not sure.

The previous owners had redesigned this area, the bird is sitting in a circle in the pathway. I think I may be better doing a path from the shed door straight to the back door for those grocery days when I carry in two weeks worth of groceries for six people, minus the bread and fruit/vege and cordial. Twisting is not the best idea for me when loaded down. Though I do do it here I think. Mulching, was on the agenda perhaps two months ago, and there is a nice pile of leaf mould and grass clippings behind the shed, but time is not always on our side, though lately it has been more related to money for LPG etc. Buddlieas are not the nicest plants in the winter time. We were discussing whether they should be moved to a more remote area of the garden.

Recently I was reading a post, where in the comments the Satin Bowerbird was mentioned.

I mentioned in the comments that I had been reading about the bird. "I just was reading about the bowerbird because we believe our new house is visited by the females. When I was growing up they often could be seen eating oranges in winter."

This was brought about by a phone call from Mum. She had been to my childhood home recently and had seen them eating my brother's cabbages and another vegetable. I hadn't seen them do that. Maybe they are very hungry this year. I know that area had been affected by bushfires a year ago, whether that impacts them I don't know. She has since decided maybe the wild ducks have eaten the vegetables, I'd say that was more likely.

I can't wait to grow an orange tree and see them under it. On the coldest and dullest days of winter, for a child it was lovely to go outside and see this bird and marvel at its green feathers. They are quite pleasant too. The site has the sound that they make. I thought I didn't remember the name right, but I did.

I couldn't believe that my bird was a bowerbird like the one mentioned in Blinky Bill TV series. Apparently they like blue pegs. I made a joke that we should leave the equal number of red and blue pegs outside, and later count them. I haven't seen the male and I am amazed with their blue eyes.


Denise said…
I saw a nature show on bower birds. They are amazing and how lucky you are that you actually got to see one. Nice post. Really enjoyed it.

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