Simple Woman's Daybook ~ August 11

For those who are wondering how our daughter went at the ballet. Her troupe came second. Yes, there were only two entries, but both very entertaining.

FOR TODAY Saturday...

Outside My Window... it is getting sunny and light again after a dull day, it is nearly 5 o'clock

I am thinking... about some blog themes some have going, like where have the cooks gone and things like that, another one about what kind of person people want to see behind the blog

I am thankful for... getting the tax and related things done

From the kitchen... tonight our little girl chose a recipe from the menu that has sausages and potatoes in it

I am wearing... black polar fleece, black skivvy, op-shop jeans again and runners

I am creating... maybe a day in a life post this week, it will be a busy day

I am going... food shopping this week, the usual picking up at school and taking to one ballet class

I am reading... I am between books but have a very great pile that I have to sort out and decide which I can manage

I am hoping... soon I will be able to listen to my new CD

I am hearing...
just a ticking clock and the whir of the computer

Around the house... hubby is decluttering paperwork, I was told it was OK to blog, just don't interrupt!

One of my favorite things...
thinking about the kind of life in James Blundell's song below

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: seeing my new lino if I can, it is at my new house

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

My country music pick this week is Four Feet Tall by James Blundell. It is a lovely story about a simple childhood in Australia. "We had it all."


BigDadGib said…
I love your blog and the title is very enchanting, interesting and peeks my curiosity.

flmom said…
The recipe your daughter selected looks divine (the pic that accompanies the recipe is scrumptious!). Enjoy!!
Linda said…
Thanks bigdadgib.

We have modified the recipe and typed it out for anyone who wants to know what we actually did.

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