Simple Woman's Daybook ~ August 18

FOR TODAY Saturday...

Outside My Window... a very sunny day. It may not be hot, but it feels so cheery after yesterday. Yesterday was beanie and glove weather, it was bitter

I am thinking... about how different and unique each person is

I am thankful for... knowing what is wrong with my car, when it is getting fixed, and having money to pay for it, knowing that the same thing won't break again anytime soon

From the kitchen... Saladas, cherry tomatoes & margarine

I am wearing... My new pink windcheater and beige/khaki skivvy, my op-shop jeans that are good for the weekend, no pockets for keys that I don't need so much on the weekends

I am creating... I am hoping to give out some awards, I have some lovely commenters here and it is appreciated

I am going... in the near future I am going to the city to see our son as well as what we came there for, the girls and I are going mostly to see their brother

I am reading... If The Prospect Pleases by Sally Laity

I am hoping... that we sort out something that makes sense about my son's final year of High School and Uni options

I am hearing... the TV, girls TV shows

Around the house... pinned and cut out practise material for our son's social costume, he has done the work for it, I advise sometimes

One of my favorite things... the few red autumn leaves hanging onto the liquid amber tree outside

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: to work through my large pile of library books and possibly take some back, not read, but not sure all are suitable yet

Here is picture thought I am sharing...


flmom said…
Such a wonderfully serene photo! I had to look up the liquid ambar tree and found it to be the same as what we know as the American sweetgum. Lovely trees! They don't grow in our area.
Hill upon hill said…
You still have some Autumn leaves, lucky you. Autumn is my favourite season. I love looking forward to home and hearth for Winter etc. Now it is heading to Spring and although beautiful, in the heat of Summer the house remains closed up, curtains drawn and outside is a furnace. Bushfires also a potential threat. Seasons though: without them we would not appreciate the differences.
Linda said…
I feel the same this year about late spring etc. We have a whole block with virtually no trees at our new house. If I can get the hang of hats or find one that I think fits it would help I think.
Lisa said…
What a lovely lane!

And this line:
"the few red autumn leaves hanging onto the liquid amber tree" sounds like poetry... It's so nice to visit you this morning.
Have a blessed day!
kadezmom said…
Great news on teh car.

I love the picture too. Reminds me of my grandparent's house.

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