Spring in the Country

On the the special things that has happened to me in the 4 1/2 years I have lived in this remote location is to be able to look at the wildflowers that grow alongside the road is some places.

When I was little I remember Mum taking me about 7-8 miles down a road to pick wildflowers for the Red Cross Flower Show. Of course it is illegal to do that now, but I enjoyed that day very much. We found a lovely patch not far from my other Grandfather's farm. From memory my Mum knew lots of wildflower names. I think I know some, but unsure these days. Early Nancy's perhaps, Egg & Bacon, things like that.

I have seen wildflowers growing alongside the freeway near Euroa, not sure if it was when I was living down there, or later on. I have seen sprays of pretty wildflowers growing on the Yea-Whittlesea road, and along the road to Alexandra. I was thrilled with that. My absolute favourite, though not a wildflower is fly grass. This was growing near the carpark of the Primary School my older daughter's attended in 2003.

The wildflowers here are very different. Beautiful colours. I haven't been able to photograph the ones on the way to the regional centre though I have tried.

This is the best I have done so far. These can be seen on a local mountain on the drive to a lookout.

When I was little there were lots of tobacco farms. While they were not growing tobacco, sometimes they grew a whole field of cape weed. Cape weed is a curse of some people's front lawns, but we have found with mowing the grass higher and the amount of water we use etc. we don't get cape weed like others do. When we saw a field like that we tried to make daisy chains from it.


kate5kiwis said…
hey linda!
soz i just found your comment to me from last week... *ack!* for some reason it didn't arrive in my inbox...
blah blah
*LOVE* the snippet from Shakespeare in your sidebar. one thing i just adore about my kiddos is their love for shakespeare - something i discovered in my teens.
love your wildflowers, pink is my fave colour.. and so is yellow...
mwah X

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