Tea Acrostics

I found this post about tea acrostics, at How do we get there from here?, originally via a comment left here by Peculiar, thanks Peculiar! I want to give it a go. I feel I need to copy down how to do it.

"Okay, you probably already know what an acrostic is, but just in case you don't, it's a poetry form where you write a word going down, and then you insert a word or words next to each letter (the goal is to keep the words beside each letter down to a minimum like 1-3) that talk about or describe your acrostic word. Give imagery."

"Your acrostic should be words for your favorite tea, tea ware, or tea moments. Now, don't be intimidated. Acrostics have got to be the easiest poetry form out there."

Teaware is described here on Wiki. Peculiar, it is hard to start.

any in the cupboard
Under the cake decorating equipment
Green eggs & ham design and other mostly white ones

ens of tens tucked in a box
Everyone pointing the same way
Awaiting the taking off of the plastic wrapper
Beside the stove
Arriving fresh from the supermarket
Getting put under the nearly empty box

ack when the kids were little
Little child sitting in the highchair
Anxious Mum
Chicken and peas in a bowl with tiny spoon
Keeping baby happy
overing tea with tomato sauce
Hurrying to pass the patterned tin
Inside tiny toys from a birthday cake
Never to be seen except at mealtime
Everyday brought out for meals
Several toys
Each interesting to the baby
Train carriages
Interests the baby while tea popped into mouth
Not a new tin but very useful and once pretty with red and black and gold

esiding in the cupboard not especially used
Inciting possibilities of green tea
Causing memories of perhaps food colouring days
Exciting days of little girls
Cup bought to match bowls
Uncle was the one who introduced me to the design
Pattern reminds me of eating jelly

eside the fishing equipment
In the supermarket I shop in
Lovely and shiny
Looking longingly at them
Yearning for yesterday


Peculiar said…
Linda, I usually don't blog on Sundays; it's my break day, but I was checking my email and saw where you had participated in my tea acrostic challenge, and let me just say madam, YOU DID A FANTASTIC JOB!! I love yours! You "outdid" yourself (and mine too, for that matter)!!

How fun!! When you get a chance, I did another tea challenge (either the last post or the one before that) that a few people participated in. We had lots of fun doing it. I think it was titled "What weird way do you have your tea?" Look for it by going to the tea labels and scrolling down.

Okay, I've got to ask, what's your all time favorite tea? Eventually, I want to get a tea button customized for people to come on every Tuesday, follow my lead, and leave a post on their blog so that we can all look around at each others'. I'll be sure to include you, but check back with me every Tuesday to play along some kind of way anyway. Even if there is no challenge, leave a comment about the tea post itself, whatever your thoughts are on the subject.

Thanks for participating. I love to do this. I drink tea nearly every day, sometimes several times a day. Is there a specialty tea in Australia?

We'll talk soon.
Hill upon hill said…
D eliberate
U under the water
N icely does it
K keep it there
I in the water
N early there
G go and drink

HMMM I will keep my day job.

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