Thankful Thursday ~ August 14

The theme for this week is Ministry.

Here are some of my daily blessings, some written at the time, some later after reading about my days.


~ seeing the dog in a sunny place on a thick bed of dry leaves on a winter's day

~ my daughter organising a haircut for herself that made her happy and it turned out OK for Mum lol

~ getting some bank organising done

~ eldest daughter sick, but she it was short lived and she was able to do what she wanted to do


~ my little girl being able to see a puppet show and make a coat like Joseph's, as an artwork

~ my other two girls being able to go to Youth Group and play indoor games

~ left overs so the girls could go there early

~ a nice book to read that was a follow on to the one I was reading before

~ nice tuna sandwiches for lunch

~ ds doing lots of homework


~ we got our tax done

~ we found our snowdrops were flowering and little daughter picked some for inside


~ I got to go to the new house, there was a cancellation, or rather my daughter didn't have to play sport that day

~ I was outside despite the weather

~ our eldest son got to buy a microwave of his own

~ he also got to see it snowing


~ I needed to walk to ballet and it wasn't too wet


~ I was able to organise something else for tea for two days from what we have as the pie fundraiser was late

~ got an email from a checkin holiday place so that gave me some encouragement


~ being able to plan a trip to see eldest son and his first car

~ new music to listen to


Denise said…
Such sweet blessings, thanks for sharing.
Peculiar said…

You're just so grateful for the small (sometimes big), everyday things that God provides and/or allows us to encounter. You know, we should be grateful for EVERYTHING, even what seems small. Our big, awesome God is so good to us in ALL things, isn't He? May we never forget.

I read in your profile that you like tea. I do a To the Tune of Tea Tuesdays post every week. Why don't you come by sometimes and check it out. Please leave a comment on one, because I would love to hear about the kinds of teas you like to drink and some helpful tea hints. I'm a fellow tea-lover!! Thank God for tea, huh?
Linda said…
Absolutely. And thanks I will.

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