Thankful Thursday ~ August 7

The theme this week is Hope.

I am thankful today (Wednesday) for lots of things. I have not long got home, I'd been out for 10 hours. I took our middle daughter to a ballet event. I was thankful I got there and back safely. It wasn't an easy drive, our daughter was very excited. One the way home it was dark, but thankfully I travelled with two others, who may have stopped if something went wrong. We must have left about the same time. There were no kangaroos or wombats about.

We got to see the new library (pictured). I got done what I had to do, including buying some furry material for our second son for a costume. We were blessed to find the right colour and it was on sale. We enjoyed the shop very much, they had lots of costume items. It really broadened out outlook a bit.

Edited to say that I have been reading a book called Love's Shining Hope by JoAnn A Grote. The lady in the story collects the scriptures on hope.

~ a punnet of inexpensive cornflowers, I haven't had them for over 20 years, and they are so pretty
~ seeing snow on the hills
~ getting a Freedom furniture catalogue in the mail from ds
~ reading House & Garden and finding a nice paint colour
~ spending less at the food shop, I think it will help this week's budget
~ visiting the collectibles shop
~ smelling the wattle in flower
~ hearing my favourite bird
~ safety despite the traffic hazards
~ beautiful early morning views
~ ds going to extra English classes
~ galahs on the lawn at school

~ a new jacket for dd
~ a nice book to read

~ our daughter's team won its first game of netball
~ dh found some more wood, we may make it to the end of winter without struggling to find any

~ homemade pizza for lunch
~ getting the lino down in our kitchen at the new house
~ getting some cornflowers and other plants in the ground
~ a good book to read
~ our daughter felt sick, but she is getting better


Wow, that's some library! Just checking in to say Hi and letting you know I'm still around.
Linda said…
Hi Monica. Thanks for saying hi etc. It is actually a library and combined museum. I'm glad I went to visit the library part. Maybe I can check out the museum one day.
Tänia said…
Wonderful TT! Thank you so much for sharing! Big hugs...

Tänia of
Denise said…
Thanks for sharing such a grateful heart.
flmom said…
Your library looks amazing! I always have a very happy son when it's homemade pizza night. :-) Blessings to you in the coming week!
Kristi said…
It is so fun to stop by your blog each week. Kangaroos and wombats? We have to watch out for armadillos, rattlesnakes, and coyotes crossing the road. Blessings to you.
Linda said…
We have snakes during the day. Do armadillos mainly cross in the day too? We had tortoises last year, very hard to dodge. I was pleased that is was my car that was swerving, and we had that fixed. Still they are hard to get around.

I suppose it is our library but quite far away. We have a local one too that they deliver to.
Nancie said…
Lovely thankful list! Thank God for granting you safety in travel and blessing you and family in many ways. Thanks for sharing your thankful heart with us. Take care and God bless!

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