Things to do in my town for (almost) free meme

I have been tagged by Jannelle at Heart Felt. Jannelle is a reader here, and I am delighted to know she is a Kiwi.

This is what I have to do:

1. List (at least) five things to do for free in your city or town, not just well publicized touristy things, but things YOU might do too!

2. Write it with a visitor in mind.

3. Tag three people* - extra fun if they live somewhere you'd like to know better or

4. If you're anonymous/coy about where you live, choose another town or city that you know.

I am going to talk about what I know about Khancoban, N.S.W., Australia. I am a very proud Victorian so no I don't live there. NSW is growing on me bit by bit.

Khancoban has come to mean to me great op-shopping. The council they belong to may view it as that little place way over there, and they lost their op-shop recently. It was a lovely place in an arcade. Maybe they managed to keep it, I am not sure. In the spring that council has daffodils in the nature strips which is lovely.

I really enjoy their pool as well. It is my favourite pool to sit and watch, though my little girl wasn't swimming I don't think. We saw an eagle when we were there. I think we just had the phone camera that day.

They have a great toy library that visits at least one school that I know of. They have a lovely display in the arcade of Snowy Mountains pictures which I find interesting. My parents were very much that generation. They used to find the building of the dams for water storage very interesting and exciting.

They do indeed have lyrebirds. I saw one. We were driving through into the mountains and it very quickly turns to bush. The lyrebird was in the gutter with its tail bent around, it was that long.

Lots of people drive there to swim. It is cool on a summer's day, that is probably why I enjoyed the pool so much.

When we took my son's girlfriend there we went to the park and bought some food in the arcade. I daydream about the building blocks with views of the bush, that seem very close.

So when I go there I look in the windows of the arcade mostly and watch the tourists having a great time, this year saw lots of motorbike riders. I get a thrill looking at the giant pipe, maybe because of the childhood memories. I guess I can't believe I am really there.

Khancoban is one of the best places to see views of snow. I am not sure I have seen this view this close actually.

The picture below is of the "State line". During the horse flu there was a car there looking for people who may sneak a horse into Victoria. There is probably a fruit fly bin there, though I am not taking as much notice as I should. Middle daughter reminded me in Coles NSW (Albury) not that long ago not to buy fruit there, even though we think of Albury and Wodonga as the same place, well nearly. You can tell which hills are Khancoban as there is a giant pipe running down them. It is part of the Snowy Hydro that I visited as a girl at Easter time with my parents and my brother and family of Mum's friend.

There are emu sightings in Khancoban too. They have a community bus that takes them to a larger town to shop.

Who am I tagging?

A Skip In My Step

At Home On The Rock
The Mennobrarian


Wow --- looks really beautiful, Linda. As I've probably mentioned once or twice (*wink*), I'd love to visit your part of the world one day.

Thanks for tagging me, I'd love to play along and will within a day or two (need some time to think about this one lol).
What a wiev, what a sky - I'm enamored to them!
Tiffany Stuart said…
Loved reading more about Australia. Sounds like a place I could relax in. Love eagles. And these pictures are great.

Thanks for visiting my blog. It's nice to meet you.

Heart Felt said…
Wow, your area looks beautiful! It looks a lot like the area we live in with the snow capped mountains and flat farming area. Gorgeous!
Titania said…
Linda, this is a really nice area. The pictures show so well the mountains and the beautiful countryside. It is very different from here.
Linda said…
Heart Felt, I think the picture you posted of the Tararua Range is the most amazing. I did see a pretty hill in Buffalo River once, not sure if it gets snow on it or not.
flmom said…
I'll have to think on this one. The actual town I live in is tiny - only about 2,000 residents, if that. There are no real attractions here - we don't even have any traffic lights! (No stores, gas stations, libraries, etc. either - we must drive out of the town limits for everything.)
Linda said…
I was surprised about the traffic lights then I remembered we don't have them either! We are under 2,000 as well.

Our library hangs in there as a branch of a larger group that brings books twice a week, and combined council.

We have to have gas/petrol as it is so far from other places, shops are probably the same.

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