To the tune of tea Tuesdays ~ August 26

Every Tuesday join Peculiar at Where do we go from here? for To the tune of tea Tuesdays. Here is this week's assignment.

"This will be an easy one today, but I think it will be fun. I just want to know, if you can taste any tea you want to, what would it be? Now, you have to help us out by not just listing the tea, but leaving us a link as to where we might be able to find it, in case we want to try it too. Give your reason why you've been "on your head" to try this tea. We want to know. To make it even better, leave us a tempting picture of it."

The tea I would like to try is Rosella Tea. This is because I was reading about Rosella's on Rhonda's blog and have bought some seeds. Of course it will be months before I have my own rosellas and I would like to know what they taste like. Here is a picture of the plant.


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