Tumut, NSW

Long ago I promised a blog friend some photos of this town, and I finally got them taken. Hubby took them for me. I hope you find them interesting as well.

Bigdadgib I was going to take a photo that a trucker would like, but forgot this morning. Maybe these will be OK anyway.

Firstly, KFC.

A motel and a museum.

An electical suppliers shop.

A plane tree.


Connie Peterson said…
KFC?? Electrical supplier shop? Only a few of those pictures even look remotely like I remember! That town has GROWN in the 31 years since I was last there! (Of course, what did I expect?)

Thank you for the pictures!! I will show Norm!
Linda said…
There is another post, and one picture in Skywatch.
Linda said…
Also one in last week's Simple Woman's Daybook.

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