Weekend Musings

I got the food shopping done OK this week. I spent more on the fruit and vegetable order, but less on the groceries. I had made a mistake with the bread. They had a special offer, and I ended up with a month's bread! Most of it is in the freezer so none will be wasted.

Shopping involved travelling behind this huge contraption. Hubby thinks it was a contract sprayer, I'm not so sure. It looked like something from out of space when I came upon it suddenly. The man drove it in such a way that it took over nearly all of the space on the other side of the road. I was reflecting on it on the way home, and there it was again! The scary part was that it turned to another road that is straight up and narrow.

While I was waiting for the girls, three galahs were really giving a new meaning to aerating the lawn!

FOR TODAY Sunday...

Outside My Window... a grey foggy and cloudy day and it is lunchtime

I am thinking... about bullies and how it relates to the real country areas

I am thankful for... lino glue and firewood

From the kitchen... my eldest daughter is making something on the stove

I am wearing... polar fleece, white cowl neck, my op-shop jeans again

I am creating... I chose a new wall colour for the back entry of our new house

I am going... to a ballet event the big one next to the end of year concert

I am reading... The Unfolding Heart by JoAnn A. Grote

I am hoping... hubby gets the lino glued down OK, that will be fantastic, the kitchen is slowly being put back together at the new house

I am hearing... the wii, kitchen noises

Around the house... lots of bowls of fruit

One of my favorite things... remnant house sites

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: a change of routine for the ballet

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Horse prints in the sand, I love them!


Hill upon hill said…
I love your photo.
Sandra said…
What an awesome photo :)

Have a great day!

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