Works For Me Wednesday ~ August 27

I have been wishing to participate in this meme for ages, I may have participated in the past, not sure now, it has been awhile. Today (July 29, WFM has been on a break) I was picking in a very large terylene curtain and worked out a way of folding it up without getting it on the ground. Then I thought, that's good, I can join in in Works For Me Wednesday.

I was blessed to be able to listen to our hostess Shannon on Blog Talk Radio, it was enjoyable, thanks Shannon.

The curtain was wrapped a long way around the line. I have an old Hills Hoist at our other house that we hope to move into this spring/summer. I hope to buy a new trolley for my basket and a peg holder. Usually I like to take my pegs off the line when I pick in the washing. I use Reva pegs.

What I did was peg the end of the curtain to the other end, by taking out the first few pegs. I kept doing that until it was this size. Then carefully folded the rest up as usual. I obviously pegged the bottom to the top at one point as well. I think it was a 200cm curtain.


Hi! Thanks for nominating me for the meme- I posted it today. Now there is much blog reading to catch up on. ~Monica

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