Getting there... just

My big relief today was that two of my kids found a costume for the social at the end of the week. The other one is really worried now. This has been going on for weeks. I told eldest daughter to drag out my Nana's 1962 lamay gold shiny dress and jacket. It fits beautifully. The theme is the 60s/70s.

Second son got out one of middle daughter's wig collection and looks the part of the Aussie boy from the 70s, since he has the face for it. He is wearing jeans, and a leather jacket.

Now middle daughter is stuck. She wants to be a hippy.

I found sitting at the computer is not ideal to get well. I had a little luck with a couple of short naps today. When I am on it, I have been watching two movies that I wanted to see, the final two movies in the Love Comes Softly series, which happen to be on Youtube.


Anonymous said…
So sorry that you haven't been well and that we have been out of would think the phone company could upgrade our lines to the 21st century, but I guess not:(
Here's what Ive been up to and, yes, I did update the family blog too....

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