Hawthorn & Geelong

I thought about it too late, but I really wanted to get some balloons for my fence. Why is that? Tomorrow is the AFL Grandfinal that apparently is telecast around the world.

My uncle played for Hawthorn so when I was growing up my brother wore his jumper all winter with the number on the back. So I was wondering if there were brown and gold balloons at our local shop.

The other day when I was at the regional centre I looked at a large bag of balloons and didn't buy them, I had forgotten about the Grand Final. Last year Geelong was in the final, and my daughter got the balloons and put them on the fence. Yes, we have a problem. My husband is from Geelong, and all the kids barrack for them.

Does anyone know of a family that puts two colours on their fence? I couldn't imagine that.

My daughter is away on holidays, and her sisters. So far I have asked my son if he would mind making some Coconut Ice with blue instead of pink colouring in it. I have hinted that I want some party pies and sausage rolls which was our usual custom on Grand Final day. I must admit the last few years after we moved here, my Grand Final watching has started to diminish.

I was trying to find out which year they played against each other last. Some family came around with the said Coconut Ice, that is how I got the idea. Anyone know a brown and yellow recipe that is similar? Can't have the Geelong supporters having all the fun! Chocolate sounds nicer anyway! I did find which year in the end.


Out Back said…
Hi Linda,

Here in our South Australian household we have two Adelaide Crows supporters and my son is a Port Power supporter. Makes for interesting showdowns when they occur twice a year. I know of plenty of families that barrack for different teams, it makes it more fun!
All I can think of is cupcakes with Hawthorn colours for the icing. Maybe some sort of caramel slice? Sorry not very ingenious with this side of things.
We are hoping Hawthorn win only because the Crows aren't in it and Geelong had a turn last year.

Go you Hawks!!
Denise said…
That all sounds like a lot of fun. Great photo and I enjoyed your post. Have a great weekend.

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