How to tell if your novel is American or not

This is a bit of fun, I hope it is taken as that.

What I have noticed is that in the types of novels I read, historical Christian fiction usually, or inspirational, or even romance, is two things in particular.

Usually by page 5, there is a reference to steaming. Like a
steaming cup or something like that. Sometimes someone spears something with a fork.

Somewhere before page 200, there is the word

Next time you read an American novel like I read, check it out and see if it is true.

No I don't think Australian novels would have those words in them. They always seem strange to my ears, but they can put any words in there they wish! I love them.


Anonymous said…
I am so curious now!! I will have to look in my Mitford series to see if that is in there! Of course, I will have to finish my chores first......:P
Linda said…
I don't recall the Mitford series having it, but you never know I guess.

On second though there could be the fork thing.
BigDadGib said…
LOL nice.
Oh, this makes me steaming mad...

I think you are right.

Gib :)
Tilly said…
I dont think I've come across the word 'utop' before. But then I dont get to read much at the moment. I tried to read a murder mystery recently and by the time I got to the end of the book I couldnt remember what had been happening so couldnt understand why the victim had been murdered by the murderer! What a waste of time - lol!
That's funny, I don't think I would have noticed that, but then again, I'm American and just used to steaming cups of tea and spearing things with forks. Slowly, I am learning to tell if a blog is Australian. :-P Like, someone is usually cooking something with pumpkin in it, and there is always mention of some strange animal or bird we Americans have never heard of. Or sometimes a reference to some particular noun that one can only imagine what it means, such as cockys. So you see...we notice too. I like your observations about the American books...keep them coming!
tina said…
Ha! This is funny. I never noticed before but I will surely look from now on at my books. Of course I think most I read are American. It will be interesting.

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll.
Linda said…
Utop must be a cultural thing because I typed it into this English dictionary site and it wasn't there.
Fiona said…
I haven't noticed the steaming thing or ever read the word "utop" but I always notice that American novels have lots of detail. eg instead of saying "Sarah started cooking" it will say "Sarah put on a white apron with red cherries and reached for a blue bowl and wooden spoon"
I always remember those old Sweet Dreams teen romance books and trying to figure out what a barrette was - the heroine was always putting one on before she left the house, and it took me years to work out it was a hair clip!
Linda said…
I think you are right fiona. I think that is because they know those kind of things are popular with people. I am undecided about that aspect.

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