New Poll!

You will notice at the top of my sidebar a poll!

My blog is starting to get off track from my old blog's review that prompted this blog, and the original way this one started out. So when I feel better from my cold and since we will be doing lots at our new house and different things I will be ready go off in the right direction.

Maybe you have had an idea all along, so you can anonymously add your ideas in a few seconds. If there is a category that I haven't added please leave it in the comments, it is more than welcome.

The poll lasts nearly three weeks.

Thanks for your vote in advance!


Tilly said…
Hi Linda, I've completed your poll. I like your blog already but the stuff I've put on your poll is just the kind of stuff I'm interested in anyway, and especially want to know a bit more about as you live in a remote area. Hope that makes sense!
Linda said…
Thanks so much Tilly!
Hill upon Hill said…
I think of a blog as the writer's online journal, meeting place, visual record, personal space etc. I really liked the background of Snowys. I just am enjoying getting to know you and your life. Your blog should be pleasing to you and to you alone. I am drawn to your kindness as a person, your care for your family and your joy in your part of Australia.
Linda said…
Thank you for taking the time to comment thoughtfully.

Thanks for the votes so far too everyone.

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