Op-shop Finds

On Monday a lady from school rang me about netball. We have a comp. that doesn't involve any travel with the football teams. My eldest daughter was in one during the football season, but there is another comp. starting up after the school holidays, next week. My daughter wanted to play but I had to do some organising and I hadn't done that. So she is all organised now, no thanks to me. But my husband was going to go to the op-shop for me to see if there were any netball skirts in the netball skirt bin there. Since there is only our teenage son home with us at the moment I went with him, a rare thing really.

No skirts, but have a plan B. We did remember to look at the cookbooks and found these. I like the pasta book because it has a prosciutto recipe, not easy to find and also a borlotti bean recipe. I hope to compare it to the recipes I have. So far so good. The Good Fruit book is from CSR a sugar company in Australia. It suggested mulberries were in season I think. There are some printable labels on the site. Has anyone tasted jam setting sugar? I don't recommend it in tea, which is all we have used it for so far.

The Vegetarian Cooking book was great for recipes about okra, an interesting semolina slice, it was great really. The potato book had some lovely photographs of potatoes on a childs plate dressed up with vegetables as characters. A little like what you see in the Agricultural Show sometimes, but completely ready to eat. It is the best I've seen like that. Remember those pizzas on Playschool as funny faces etc. better than that.

Some of the 1980s ish books have gorgeous photography.

Because of these finds I found an Australian Cookbook Collectors Society. How interesting!

There was also a Clifford book for my six year old daughter that was hiding under the pile. I am pretty sure she wanted to collect these. The other book for her has lift-the-flap, she loves those. Can't wait for her to be home again to read with her Dad.


Tilly said…
The semolina slice sounds interesting. My hubby absolutely loves semolina.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link to the labels,I'm going to use these for my pickles and jams this year.

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