Simple Woman's Daybook ~ September 8

FOR TODAY Saturday...

Outside My Window... pale blue sky and puffy clouds, osmanthus and tulip flowers

I am thinking... I hope we get a new UPS battery, my computer was a little worse for wear this morning, but all is good

I am thankful for... that I am feeling better each day

From the kitchen... a homemade quick pizza that the girls make

I am wearing... still middle of winter gear to make sure I stay warm to get well

I am creating... blog posts and resting

I am going... hopefully grocery shopping, I should feel up to it by then

I am reading... still Laura

I am hoping... I get a birthday card and present sent

I am hearing... eldest daughter singing one of her favourite songs

Around the house... an extra table we brought back from our son's house, we lent it to him and it has my newish sewing machine sitting on it with second son's practise costume

One of my favorite things... historical Christian romance novels, I found some great ones on ebay, ones that are not in my library and the matches to some I have already read

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: collecting water before they turn it off this week, to clean it yet again, I am assuming the survey they did turned up some consumer dissatifaction about having chlorine in their water

Here is picture thought I am sharing...


fishing guy said…
Linda: Beautiful view of your country side. I love the mountain view.
flmom said…
I believe we're going to have to have homemade pizza tomorrow now that I've read this. I know many families have a designated "pizza night", but we don't. The photo is breathtaking!
Hill upon Hill said…
How do you store the water?
Linda said…
We have a plastic drum with handle etc. that we used in 2003 to collect local spring water when we lived in the rented farmhouse. It is a jerry can.

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