Thankful Thursday ~ September 4

The theme this week is Seasons. What a lovely theme. The season here of course is spring.

It is a big season when your son leaves home like Iris'. I visited my son last weekend, and feel I have made the adjustment properly now. It is such a big event. It has been 2 1/2 years. I was riding in the car over the ground where we left him all that time ago last weekend. The first time I was crying driving home with hubby and the kids on this particular roundabout.

Well I have been reading up on bronchitis, and I guess I had the malaise that goes with it. I get better each day I think. It is hard to do anything, so I do a small amount. I felt a lot less cranky after reading my friends new blog and things on Peggy's daily reads. So I had a nice day.


~ hubby got his hair cut which was hard to achieve, and it looks nice

~ I liked the version of carbonara hubby made though I was scared of it at first because of the green beans, it is lovely. Prosciutto Linguine

~ I was able to walk to school, I didn't have the car that day


~ I was able to pack for six people for a trip, I did it slowly

~ my middle daughter did well at a sports day at the regional centre, she got two ribbons, and got home in time to start our trip

~ absolutely lovely scenery

~ my last minute clothes dried on the line

~ middle daughter's new watch

~ I was worried about how I had organised the late check-in but it turned out OK I should have called to make doubly sure

~ second son was able to get his hair cut too!


~ eldest son drove me around in his and his girlfriend's new car that I hadn't seen before

~ I also was able to drive even though I was a little unwell, he told me where to turn

~ I got to go to an Asian food store and bought some things for the pantry and some Pokemon lollies that cheered up our son a lot

~ our son and his girlfriend cooked us tea

~ they took us to see some ducks and generously bought lots of bread for them, it was planned out very well and was a lovely place to sit


~ I got my menus made up

~ I got the fruit ordered


~ an email to middle son's teachers about his illness meant that they helped him which was nice


~ I got my car back, though apparently the fan may come off, so some investigating what the wreckers have needed

~ some costumes got organised

~ hubby bought some more food, just a tiny bit left to get now


~ I was able to get some washing done, a effort that both of us did

~ I got some bills paid


Out Back said…
Hi Linda,
Sorry to hear you and your family have been feeling unwell. My hubby has brought home a lovely virus from work and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get it. He has been sick all week. My son is complaining of a sore throat tonight, I am hoping it is only allegy related.

Hope you are all feeling better real soon.

Take care,
Denise said…
Hi Linda,

I'm glad you feel better but I know it has been a while. These things take a long time and it always feel like forever before we feel better. Glad you're on the road to doing that though.

I received an award that I would like to pass on to you if you are willing. I enjoy visiting your blog, I think it is a lovely one and my visits here are a fun part of my day. The award is over at my place.

Have a good one, and continue to feel much, much better.
Linda said…
I am sorry to hear about your husband being sick Tania. Thanks.

Thank you so much Denise. Thanks also for your well wishes.
Denise said…
Praying for you to feel much better dear one.
Anonymous said…
hope you feel much better soon.

God bless!
Amy said…
mm yum that sounds so delicious!
sharon said…
Oh, so sorry you've been feeling ill..but thank God for your caring husband! Do take care of yourself. God bless.
Laurie Ann said…
Praying for your health...enjoyed reading your list of things you're thankful for. Happy TT!
Melanie said…
So glad you all are feeling better. I love how you looked at each day over the past week and listed blessings from each day!

Happy Thankful Thursday!
Marsha said…
I' glad you are feeling better. And glad you've adjusted/adapted to your son leaving the nest. Our nest is empty now. But funny thing is, they start returning for visits and bring more with them! I have 5 grandchildren now.

Have a blessed weekend in your Spring. I'm getting ready for fall right now and just loving it.
Michele W. said…
I'm sorry to hear your family had been ill. My family is passing a bug/virus around too. I am praying I will not get it. Next week is an important seminar I must speak at and I don't need to be sick.
God bless you my dear....
Mary said…
Glad you're feeling better. I like how you had something to be thankful for every day. Even in the midst of not feeling well. Thanks for sharing. Blessings on your weekend.

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