Australian Idol 2008

Did anyone see Idol tonight? Australian Idol has only one week to go for this season. Luke is my favourite. The winners single he sang made me cry. Trouble is that Wes' song is very catchy.

The website doesn't have that yet, maybe they are waiting for the time differences on the west coast. The video above is another song Luke sung recently.

I think I will post this in a couple of hours in case it is a spoiler.

In 4 1/2 hours from this posting I will be half of 90!


Dorothy said…
Hi Linda,
I couldn't see the video. It said it is only available in
Australia:-( I used to watch American Idol and enjoy it.
BTW, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good one!!
Connie Peterson said…
Hey, you've been tagged for a meme! Go see and enjoy!
Happy Birthday Linda, may you have many more.
We don't generally watch Australian Idol, but both my husband and I like Wes the best, he has a nice voice.
take care
Linda said…
That's a shame. I had that happen with American Hi-5 once. Sorry about that.
Linda said…
Thanks Connie, I'll be over soon.
Linda said…
Thanks for the birthday wishes.
Tatersmama said…
Hi Linda,
I'm simply loving your blog !
Have a Happy Birthday and I hope all your wishes come true !!

(and give those parrots some seeds.. they'll love you for it!)
joolzmac said…
Hi Linda
Happy Birthday! Hope you've had a good day. Enjoy.

Cheers Joolz

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