Bookworm Award

A Different Drum has awarded me a Bookworm Award. Before her Herding Grasshoppers. This is what I have to do:

Quick find the book closest to you, turn to page 56 and type in the fifth sentence and a couple more after that.

The first book near my hand was a cookbook. So the closest I thought was the book I had out nearly in my room, as the others were more or less in the same place in a bookshelf. Then I found Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling on the computer pull out shelf, but on the page it just had a description of the picture on the next page. So I go back to the book I had out. By the way, my husband once stayed over the road from Raffles and didn't go have a coffee. Looking at it, even coffee could be expensive.

"They continued down the hall, Hope leading the way, Kiss following at a safe distance. "Here are the showers," Hope said, opening the door to a huge bathroom that had been transformed by a former guest into a garden of hand-painted sunflowers. "There's soap and shampoo, and the towels are over there." She pointed to a floor-to-ceiling set of shelves. "We ask that you use only one towel, and when you're finished with it, please dump it in the hamper. While you're showering, someone will bring you clean clothes.""

This is from a novel I am reading called Saturday Morning by Lauraine Snelling. I think I bought it from ebay and I haven't actually read that page yet. Close though. Lauraine Snelling writes historical novels, the Red River of the North series. I haven't read Return to Red River yet or two of the novels of the three after that. But I plan to soon as the library is completing the set. I have trouble with contemporary novels, but I know Lauraine Snelling will not disappoint me.

I am guessing the paragraph relates to the Women's Shelter where the women trade stories. I am not fond of those sorts of things, but I know Lauraine Snelling will go easy on me, I hope.

Now I need to find five people to join in the fun:

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Julie said…
Ah yes, you must be a booklover too :0)

I'm very curious about your blog name... tree changer?
Linda said…
It is unfortunate it sounds like I am trying to change trees lol.

Treechange is a version of seachange. There is a link on my sidebar where you can find the explanation. Seachange is like living away from an urban environment. Ours was for work more than lifestyle.
Thank you, Linda! I love Laura Ingalls Wilder, too...and that just happened to be the book closest to me. I will post soon. Thanks again.
Lynda said…
Thanks, Linda for this & for the others - the meme & Award earlier this week, I appreciate them all ! I promise to get around to them soon, you know how busy things can get at this time of the year though ;)
Julie said…
Ah... now I understand :0)

I was interested by so many things in your blog, I had missed the link.

I spent a year living in Perth ('93 - '94) on a Rotary exchange... seems so long ago! Fell in love with the people - oh so friendly - and the country. So much sunshine, and so much outdoor activity... and so much SPACE.
Linda said…
Yes, I can imagine Linda. Wow.

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