Our New House

Remember the garden bed we were making during the winter? Well hubby didn't get to finish mowing all the lawn on the two blocks but he has more or less finished the bed. He will play with the rocks over time, usually by the time he has finished his rocks look nice.

This is our new house with warts and all. You can see we have painted the board on the front of the side verandah, eventually we will paint the other end, then the side board last and do something with that gutter.

We definitely need security or screen doors on that door and two others. Mostly to keep out snakes and take advantage of the cool night air and to help with flies.

As you can see we have a chicken pen ready make. However it doesn't look good directly behind the pond, plus you can't get in easily to feed. At the moment the feeders are on the outside so you don't actually have to go in, but that is for flying birds I think.

You can see we have a new switchboard, and our unpainted garden bench that I got some ideas for from Titania as hers is lovely.

My camellias are slowly growing along the verandah, though probably too many for that spot. I want to start clipping the box plants as well. We haven't been keeping up to the weeding out the back.

Just remember it is a very cheap house. I haven't seen one as cheap on domain lately. We still have a little work to do before we or others can live in it. Hopefully it will start this weekend.


Dorothy said…
Good Morning!
Hope all is well with you this morning! Thank you showing us your house and flower bed! Looks nice and I know you will be glad to get all the work done. Have a great day!
Tilly said…
Your new house looks great. Nice to see how the border is coming along. Is this a holiday home or a place to downsize to?
Anonymous said…
What a lovely home! I like cheap!!
Caroline said…
Linda, I love your little house nestled in there among your gardens
I think you are seeing the downfalls of it more than we. Goody for you getting a cheap house remember the price does not reflect anything once your family & things are their and your house then becomes a home.
Tatersmama said…
Awww.. Your house is gorgeous ! I don't know where you're located exactly, but yes, something to keep the snakes and flies out is a definite must! The blow flys are out here at the moment and although the things give me the willies with their droning, at least they don't slither !
Monica said…
This is really your house? We have a little house too. :-) It's not pretty (especially as we are reconstructing it), but it's affordable. It also warms up fast in the winter.
Linda said…
This is my house, but we also have this one:

We either have to rent one if it is doable or sell one before a year goes by ie 2010 comes around.

We were downsizing but I have lost my nerve, sort of an optional downsize, though this one (the one in the link) needs a couple of new things.

Thanks Caroline, I have been vaguely trying to tell myself that.

We have had blowflies lately, not so much yesterday. We are sort of near the Snowy Mountains.
Heart Felt said…
Looks great! Beautiful garden - But I'm not so sure about SNAKES!

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