Our Practise Seachange House

These photos aren't much, but they mean so much to me. I wrote about it on perhaps my fourth post on this blog. It is on a dirt road half an hour from Mill Park on the northern edge of Melbourne. My husband was staying for two night this week at Bundoora which is right next to Mill Park and he took these photos. It is greener there than at other places he saw on this 5 hour drive.

In one of the photos you can actually see the school my older girls attended at the time from our front gate, which is the left one. The bank is where on coming home from ballet at nights kangaroos sometimes were next to the third gate, the left one not pictured. I had to be very careful. We adored the trees around the house, there were some interesting ones. I think pink acacias, pretty small Japanese maples, birches, liquid amber or sweet gum trees, the list goes on.

We did swim in the creek once.

While in Mill Park, my husband did find Spotlight and got my tripillow and cover. I put the cover on today, and think I have been lifted up about 8" from where my old tripillow of 21 years was. It is now in the bin!


Denise said…
It's so lovely to have a special area to remember. This place looks lovely.

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