Thankful Thursday ~ November 6

Thursday: I was thankful that I got to the shop in time for my daughter to buy blue hairspray for her school's sportsday.

Someone smiling at me in the street.

An email from a university offering accommodation for next year, but we have to politely decline it because of a glitch in our system here, our son is going to be at high school another year, and I believe there must be a reason for that.

Our children playing on the piano. I think this was the time when my eldest daughter taught my little girl who is six how to play Mary Had A Little Lamb and where the keys are.

Friday: My son had some visitors for Halloween which he had spent a week planning for, so that was fun for him.

Watching the baby magpies fly around, it was hard to make sense of the fuss, then they all went quiet.

Having such a good youth group for our eldest daughter to attend and a nice farm and family for my middle daughter to visit.

The bank lowering our interest rates on the houses, I will put one house back down as I had to put it up $30 a week a few months ago.

Some left-over chocolate ripple cake!

Saturday: Hearing my daughter's antics on the farm with the sheep.

Hubby didn't seem to sneeze as much doing our lawn that takes up two blocks, most of the second block is lawn except for the new garden bed, which is quite large now, however, I think it was harder than I knew about.

I have been having so much joy from the perfume of the roses next to the front door.

Sunday: My younger son having a nice day, and a little sleep in for me.

Monday: We woke to find our tyre had burst in the carport and not on the road, which has ditches very close to the road and it often very pitchy.

Lots of books to read from the library.

Tuesday: I was blessed by the time I got to spend with my husband. I enjoyed the baking that my daughter did. It was a school holiday, a holiday for a horse race. Last year we didn't have it in our town. Our dog is fun to watch, he rearranges his plastic bowls and barks. I found Kitchen Poetry to participate in.

Wednesday: We were able to get our car booked in right on the right day to pay straight up.



Tilly said…
My daughter has had piano lessons for about a year but clearly wasn't enjoying them and so she stopped recently. Then completely out of the blue she has been playing the piano a little after school. That has been lovely to watch.
JGH said…
I had no idea the Oak Ridge Boys were still together. I used to do clog dancing routines to their songs when I was a kid. I'd love to hear more of their gospel stuff.
Denise said…
Such a nice post sweetie.
Serendipity said…
A lovely thankful post! Your comment about the magpies made me smile. Happy TT and God bless!
LAURIE said…
Left over chocolate ripple cake....WOW now thats definetly something to be thankful for!! You had a lovely list of thanks and I liked how you listed the days and how you gave thanks for something each day. God is a good God! Happy TT! -Laurie
Lynn said…
Wow, what a ton of living you packed into a week. Very much to be thankful for.

Have a wonderful TT
UKZoe said…
Blue Hair Spray.
I used that a couple of years ago for our summer club at church and then went shopping afterwards, forgetting I had it on. I couldn't understand why I was getting all these odd looks from people, heeheeee.
BJ said…
Thank you for sharing such a thankful list.
Laurie Ann said…
Precious list of blessings! Thanks for sharing them with us, and have a Happy Thankful Thursday!
Bogie said…
God bless your family!
Kathie said…
Thank you so much for sharing. Isn't God amazing! Blessings from Costa Rica

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