Music Monday

Please visit Music Monday at Dancing with Daisy. This is this week's version.

My kids are were watching I'll Be Home For Christmas on TV when I wrote this. I was hearing Hear Comes Santa Claus by Elvis Presley. So that is the start of my Music Monday.

I was so surprised to see Martina McBride singing with Elvis on Blue Christmas.

I have only known Martina McBride for a year or so. What a legend, singing with Elvis. If you think you are over Elvis, watch the first part of that video!

Here is one with LeeAnn Rimes. I assume it is not made live.

Aussie Jinglebells written by Colin Buchanan sung by the Sunny Cowgirls.

The same song sung by some Aussie children:

This next song is what sold me on the Sunny Cowgirls, that and hearing how well they sell albums for their record label.

Wow, I found the Sunny Cowgirls with Adam Brand!

That is my Youtube hop for today.


Aditya said…
Children really enjoying singing the song

Merry Christmas
bonoriau said…
Great song. Merry Christmas N Happy new year

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