My Struggle with Santa

Today I have been reading a post at Shabby Olde Potting Shed and enjoyed it. It was about the Christian struggle with Santa Claus.

I have my background with Santa on it obviously. It reflected Christmas here from memory better than the other backgrounds and appealed to me. I was thinking of Bush Christmases and posted a poem about it. Once I helped my son do a school project about a pioneer Christmas that I heard about when researching my family tree in the early 90s. I'll see if I can find it rather than rely on my memory. Here is a post reminiscent of a 60s Christmas.

I had the same struggles with Santa and trees when I was first married. My husband's family didn't celebrate Christmas after a certain age when my husband was little and his family got saved. We can identify with that very much. In fact we were challenged when a move back home of a distant family member prompted a change.

I kept Santa because of the traditions started for me as a child. I couldn't go against the opinion of my Mum. I suggest as a new parent to do what you feel is best.

This year Santa may have gone by the by in some ways. We live so far from the shops. My daughter sometimes, once or twice has seen me buy presents and I remember doing the same when my eldest was little. I couldn't shop without her, that is the problem.

I have come across this book when trying to find a tradition that came about in the early 80s of decorating dead eucalyptus branches. My sister in law did one for us one year. The book is called Angel in a Gum Tree. I have no idea what it is like, but I am going to read it with our youngest, or I'll read it and she will read it at bed time like she usually does with her Dad. I'll let you know what I think.

In the meantime check out Lightening's Santa. Well done Lightening.

I have started listening to my Christmas music by Lee Kernaghan.

Yes, my girls have started wearing tank tops. No, these are not my girls. Click on the photo to take you to their photostream on Creative Commons. So far my fifteen year old is back to t-shirts and middle daughter doesn't seem to look too bad. Some of the country habits are starting to wear off on them, but I can't seem to get hubby to understand.


Heart Felt said…
Up until now we haven't really bothered too much with Xmas, but Charlie is three yrs old this Xmas and we hadn't decided if we were going to the whole 'Santa thing' But this week he came home from Kindy and Daycare knowing all about Xmas and Santa and 'Santa is bringing him a Thomas present'. I suppose peer presure has forced our hand in a way. Interesting post, thanks. xx
The Old Dairy said…
We have never promoted Santa here, our children know Mum and Dad buy there presents for them. In saying that we have Christmas carols and Santa at our local hall that we help organize. Our children have always understood that it is some one that dresses up. They do know the stry of St Nick and where the idea of Santa came from. They also know that Jesus is the reason for the season!!!!!!!!!!!
I really enjoyed the post.
Julie said…
We found a couple of books that explain the history of the real St. Nicholas. The details are a bit sketchy, but it gets the idea across.

We've always told our boys that Santa is a fun game that people play at Christmas (and not to spoil others' fun!), but people give you gifts because they love you :0)

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