A Pretty Little Christmas Blog Party

Imagine my horror today to realise that I missed A Day In My Life this month! It was yesterday. So to make up for it, I have joined this event for today. I found it at Quill Cottage, via Monica's blog. I tried blogging last night, but just couldn't! Besides which, I wasn't really sure what day it was, just doing what I had to do each day.

Please visit Pretty Petals to join, after all the 15th is not over everywhere by a long shot.

So we won't talk about the sickness in our house that was making me worried. Today I got to go out into the country, the only downside was not bringing my camera.

Our air-conditioning isn't working but it was a nice warm day, and we drove home with the windows down. It was like being a girl again on the farm. I really enjoyed it, and found I enjoyed Lee Kernaghan much better out on the open road than in town.

On Friday I took my little girl to Spotlight on Christmas even though I wasn't well and had to go out into the rain. I don't think it was too bad, it was warm that day. She made a lovely bell, a coloured styrofoam one. They look quite nice coloured in with dangles coming out the bottom. It is perfect for our tree with the chenille ornaments her sister and her Nana made, her handmade paper lantern and the purple ball she also made. The tree looks better than in the last photo I posted.

While I was out in the country I saw my red poppies. In real life they are magnificent! They look great out the window. Same with a yellow lily and the cornflowers.

We picked up the mail from the post office at our other house, and found that the Chrisco catalogues have vouchers of fresh food from Safeway next year. Shame I don't live near Safeway.

Why did I have to drive there? We want to watch a Janette Oke movie (no.5 please don't watch if you haven't seen that far if you don't want to spoil it) tonight and next week, and we left the Austar cable there after our visitors were finished using it!

Today the photographer and his wife came by with my ballet photos. It was special as two were nearly identical to another two so they can be gifts inside a card for Christmas.

My eldest son's girlfriend wrapped two boxes with lovely gold ribbon with metal? sides. Looked beautiful. One box had asian chips and lollies/candy and the kids really enjoyed that. They got a wii game with maraccas and have been playing that as well. The cards are also from them.

The ultimate cheer up? Today was the VCE or Year 12 school results for our State. Our son is repeating next year, but he has three study scores of 27 and one of 25 to use towards his score for next year, so I am very pleased. He also passed his VCE. There is an English glitch, so he didn't receive an ENTER score. He learnt a lot during the second half of the year, and I'm sure it will help with English. He was doing Specialist Maths, Methods, Physics, the 25 was for Chemistry. Some of the subjects are marked up from the study score? Will have to check it out further.


Miss Sandy said…
I am so glad you stopped by for a visit and I do hope you are all well soon. The new holiday look on your blog is so pretty. I hope you and your family have a really wonderful Christmas!

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